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Few among the media presented this news — about the March 21, 2009 Tea Party event in Orlando, Florida and the exceptional turnout of 4,000 participating — with the exception of the Orlando Sentinel, Fox-associated outlets in Florida, other Florida sources and one blurb by ABC’s “Happy Sunday” column.

Here’s the upbeat, informative Orlando Sentinel report:


…The country’s economic woes weighed heavily on attendees, such as Ed Squire, 52, of Winter Springs. Holding a sign that read “Obama — he’s robbin U.S. not Robin Hood,” he said that he was worried about the current rate of government spending.

“There’s absolutely no way as a nation that we can sustain that kind of spending,” Squire said.

Several members of the crowd said they’d recently been laid off, including Ross Iannarelli, 66, of Port Orange, who said he’d just lost his job at an electrical-equipment company.

“They need to shove that bum out,” he said, referring to President Obama. “I hate seeing them spend my grandchildren’s money.”

Other Tea Party events were held nationwide and were also very well participated in, indicating the popularity of these events and the mutual concerns involved by those participating. These are many Americans who don’t usually if at all participate in rallies of any kind except, perhaps, Fourth of July parades and perhaps fundraisers for local charities.

dot-red-sml2 These events are ongoing so to find a Tea Party near you, go here.

dot-red-sml2 Tea Party “hashtag” from twitter — which is “#teaparty” — is here displayed in tweetgrid format as to current, in-the-moment comments regarding these events. If you refresh the page or revisit the page at any future time, you’ll be able to read current comments at that link as they’re posted.

However, the predictably loopey, Leftwing fearmongery was emblazoned in a hyper heated gush by the San Francisco Chronicle in this headline and the associated, fear-implying article:

Tea parties are flash crowds Obama should fear

Yeah, in these days of Obama commiserating with Hamas, trying to court favor with Iran and ponder the mysteries of massive illegal aliens receiving amnesty while the U.S. border is being assaulted by armies of weapon-laden bandits from South of our Border but now throughout the nation via sleeper-agents-as-illegal-aliens, Obama should really “fear” these Tea Party “flash crowds.” They might actually try to talk to him, he wouldn’t have a teleprompter, and thus might be utterly without capacity to say anything lucid, given his ongoing behaviors under similar situations.

If Obama “fears” the Tea Partiers, he’s in the wrong country, because these are U.S. citizens, most if not all of whom are responsible members of their communities, who vote and continue to pay taxes. No riots, no law enforcement necessary, no property damage, no harms on others, no trash to speak of left behind. If Obama fears that, he’s decidedly in the wrong country.


Here’s a report from someone who attended the Orlando Tea Party, with a list of popular signs viewed there.

But a few were:

# “My Grandchild is Already $35,000 in debt thanks to the Government”
# “Complete Incompetence or Sinister Plan – You Take Your Pick!”
# “220 Years To Build A Republic – 1 Month To Destroy It ”
# “We Have No King!”
# “Hope We Have Some Change Left”
# “This Little Piggy Robbed The Market”
# “Øbama: Commander in Thief ”
# “Don’t Tax Me Bro”
# “Dude! Where’s My Country? ”

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