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Onebeeo: “WE’RE DOOMED!”



We’re doomed!”

I think something is melting…this is all your fault!

Don’t call me a mindless philosopher…

That’s funny. The damage doesn’t look as bad from out here. Are you sure this thing is safe?

What a foresaken place this is. We seem to be made to suffer. It’s our lot in life. I’ve got to rest before I fall apart. My joints are almost frozen.

Well, I’m not going to go that way. It’s too rocky. This way is much easier. What makes you think there are any settlements that way?

…and don’t let me catch you following me, begging for help…because you won’t get it!

You little malfunctioning twerp. This is all your fault. You tricked me into going this way
but you’ll do no better.

He sits in a huff of anger and frustration, knocking the sand from his joints. His plight seems hopeless, when a glint of reflected light in the distance reveals an object moving toward him. The bronze android waves frantically and yells at the approaching transport.

Hello! Over here! This way.

(…gets picked up by scavengers…)

300wde_p1bo-says_itsyourfault1 The above quoted material is actual dialogue for character, “Threepio” from the script, “STAR WARS (Saga I)” – Revised Fourth Draft – by George Lucas, Copyright Lucasfilm, Ltd.

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  1. nomen says:

    Hi Suzy,

    This is “justaguy!” :)

    I was scanning your site to see if you had posted anything about Obama’s decision to reverse Bush’s order on ESCs.
    I don’t understand… the cells that have shown any real potential are ASCs. It’s Obvious Obama is nescient in regard to the latest technological advances. Obama should reverse his decision. There’s no reason to obtain ESCs in the manner he’s advocating. iPS cells are the future. Scientists are now able to
    reprogram ASCs into ESCs.

    The Japanese have been successful by making ESC stem cells
    from wisdom teeth.

  2. -S- says:

    Hey! Where have you been? Welcome back, anyway, hope you’ll comment again soon.

    I haven’t written about Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC) and Obama’s stupid (and it is very, very stupid) federal funding for ESC under pitiful, stupid context of it being supported by “science” (or, perhaps he said, “the science thing to do,” wouldn’t suprise me if so but then, I paraphrase), I haven’t written about this because I’ve made the same comments for years now on the internet to no avail: no one on the Left “can” hear the actual science or listen to the truth.

    BUT the reason why that is (the Left’s deaf and dumb routine about ESC) IS BECAUSE federal funding for ESC “sanctions” the abortion industry. It devalues human life, it perpetuates the Left’s “need” to devalue human life and remove “humanity” from consideration as to embryonic life.

    THUS, Obama’s move there was political and has nothing to do with “science” ESPECIALLY BECAUSE SCIENCE (actual “scientists” doing “science” studying “things” “scientifically” by an objective process) have long since determined that PLACENTIAL STEM CELLS and other stem cells hold far more “scientific” and medical hopes or potential for medical advantages than do Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC) — in fact, nearly two decades ago, that was the going “science” being taught in undergraduate developmental biology to even pre-med students (and remains the fact proven abundantly before and since).

    HOWEVER, to discourage “federal funding” for ESC (Embryonic Stem Cells) turns the spighot off a tad for the abortion industry, both financially and ideologically. Since Obama’s chia-pet is abortion-on-demand (as is that of his wife’s), he (nor she) is going to do one tiny thing that will discourage the abortion-industry (organizations that seek to indenture the American public to this “procedure” “for the public good”).

    It’s evil on parade. I have no other words for it — it’s just evil on parade, using hapless, lying, stupid minds such as I deem Obama to have and to hold (same with his wife) such that they receive political (egotistical) support and petting while the outcome is evil: the devaluation of human life to a pathetic nothing that can then be eliminated without conscience and with (worse) encouragement from others (who should be trusted and yet are deceivers in that regard), the federal government and “counsellors” galore eager to see human life destroyed and used without regard for the miraculous presence of God.

    Science has long since proven that OTHER stem cells (other than Embryonic) bear far more promise to assist human suffering and yet here we have a monstrous dummy liar in the Presidency (the harshness of my language here is appropriate given the context and the extent of the misleadment being made by that monster in the Presidency as also politically previously and by party) deceiving anyone and everyone that “science” is supportive of his actions in recreating federal funding (the public’s dollars, without regard for disagreement) of ESC.

    I have now written about this, but no one on the Left will or can understand this. And yet, it is “simple” “science” long since proven — the Left can’t tolerate this actual science because it threatens one of their cornerstones of politics: the devaluation of unborn human beings.

  3. -S- says:

    I (also) realize that Nancy Reagan advocates federal funding and increased federal funding for “Embryonic Stem Cell research” but that’s because she does not, clearly, understand the science involved.

    If she DID understand the science, she’d be advocating the increased funding for Stem Cell research that does not emphasize the use of Embryonic Stem Cells, if not disallow them for all but an existing “line” (or existing group of) ESC made available for that purpose years ago.

    We don’t need any MORE Embryonic Stem Cells and yet that’s what Obama and his lying party are now funding, TO THE DETRIMENT OF SCIENCE, since “science” decades ago determined that ESC held less promise than Placential Stem Cells, for starters.

    Numerous informative articles readily available so blatantly and blindly rejected by the Left and others not informed about the actual “science” involved that is being patently misrepresented by Barack Obama and his cohorts: