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275wde_obama-a-new-dope1 The Liberal media is overheating today trying to serve up cold Jivecrap as microwaved Kobi Beef: Barack Obama using “the special Olympics” to joke about his barely-able bowling skills, a President of the United States (unfortunately) using limited functionality as some sort of, once again, Obama-focused, Obama-promoting, self-centered insensitive cruelty, delivered with a big ole’ smile and an expectant look at an adoring audience for yet another resounding clap at his horrible pomposity.


Unfortunately, the audience complied — perhaps the audience, as with Obama’s notoriously staged, deceptively ‘approving’ Town Hall meetings, was again stocked with appeasing, pre-approved-who-will-clap-and-whistle Obama adorees.

So, today, the overheated Jivecrap was attempted to be served up as as microwaved Kobi Beef: Obama “apologized” for his crass remark. Thoughtless, not credible, hardly acceptable, apology not accepted because it’s as vain and self-serving as the remark was itself: it’s all about Obama being King Dope and Doper extraordinaire, appeasing and pleasing (and “entertaining” to other dopes), regardless of what’s said about whom or why.

Which is why, yet again, I deem Obama a Jivedoper classless act: he can be an arse and he often is, he can betray our nation and national security, he can waste our very time and resources and put us all at great risk but he can dance, he can read from a teleprompter, he can wear a suit, his wife can wave her bare arms, they can grow arugula at the White House, host weekly, lavish parties with utmost insensitivity to the American taxpayers, Barack Obama can perpetually blame Bush, Capitalism and the citizens of the United States (we’re “greedy” after all, it’s our “greed” — so Obama says — that causes Obama to run off with over a trillion dollars of taxpayer dollars to places as yet unknown), Obama can shred the U.S. Constitution and try to call that government, Obama can bowl like the Special Olympics, so he said on Jay Leno: Obama is a classless act of Jivery, Dopery and Ugly (Obama’s “JDU” character).

About the grovelling, desperate, microwaving Liberal media trying to appease this man’s JDU, I found the following, appropriate, smart remarks in the comments section at Politico which sums up the situation today — says what I would if he/she had not already expressed these points well:

Mar. 19, 2009 – 11:35 PM EST

(quote from Politico’s article): ‘The president made an off-hand remark making fun of his own bowling that was in no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics,’ White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton said.”

Sorry, no pass.

Newpaper prints a cartoon of a monkey = headline news on ever outlet for a week

Obama makes fun of the Special Olympics = nothing to see here.

You know that Glenn Beck is going to have a field day with this tomorrow, though.

He’s supposed to be the POTUS, and as such represents the values of all that is right with America. Instead, he’s on Leno during the “worst economic crisis since the Great Depression” making jokes that insult organizations that benefit the disabled while he hasn’t even managed to hire a complete staff, especially in Treasury. Yup, focused like a laser.

Nope. He needs the Imus treatment and needs to fly Air Force One out to the Special Olympics on his own dime and start groveling about how sorry he is while the rest of the country demands that he’s fired from his job.

Hell, even Imus has a ranch for disabled kids where all his money goes. Obama’s *cough* charitable work consists of getting federal money for Tony Rezco and Michelle’s hospital $300k/ years job.

If we, as a country, can’t forgive radio hosts, newspapers or bounty hunters with long track records of legitimate charitable work for a slip of the tongue, then tell me why the POTUS who has never done anything for anyone but himself and is failing miserably the simple task of hiring people and all the other most basic elements of his first full time job, gets a pass? I challenge anyone to justify that, in contrast to these others.

BTW – it’s not like it’s the first time he’s casually insulted people in public. We’re a “nation of cowards” remember? If were weren’t so bitter and would stop clinging to our Bibles and guns, maybe we could have such a conversation. Obama has trumped us all. He managed to sit in church with Rev. Wright for 20 years without hearing anything offensive but the rest of us are focused on 5 seconds of looped, out of context sound bytes of the dear Reverend. Our narrow minds still think of Ayers as a terrorist instead of a reformer and selfless educator. Yup, too bad we’re not as enlightened as Obama. We’re just a bunch of “typical white people,” like his grandma, who cross the street when we see black people. If only we’d stop trying to scare people about our President with the funny name, who doesn’t look like all those other Presidents on those dollar bills.

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