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320wde_ichbineinkultfuhrer1 Get ready, America, Obama through his unfortunate Zombies are going to be knocking on your doors to try to convince you to “pledge” yourself to Obama. You know, to take their bite and enjoy the infection, perhaps assuming you won’t know, as they don’t apear to, what you’re doing or where you are or why afterward, and, thus, won’t object to the reaction a few moments after you pledge yourself to Barack Obama. Just declaring loyalty to the United States of America — as a citizen or legal resident — won’t satisfy this plague because the carriers are after your complete dedication to an individual, not a nation, to a man, not a government — or, rather, to a man as government. You know, like, say, the same conditions that Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro have instigated in their nation-wide communities via similar (if not identical to Obama’s cult’s methods) methods of “community” “pressure” upon others.

Don’t let smiles deflect you away from what it is they’re selling, however. Many a dirty deed has been done upon another by men with smiling faces.

My advice is, if they knock on your door, talk to them through the closed door and tell them to get off your property. If they object, open the door with gun and Bible and advise them you’re clinging to both and to get off your property. If they appear somewhat immune to the virus they’re carrying, witness to them about the United States of America, democracy and our Bill of Rights. In all cases, pray for them in the name of Jesus Christ to be set free from the awful sickness they’re infected with.

If they still won’t leave, close the door and hope they don’t break into your home afterward. If they don’t leave, if they do break into your home (or break anything at all, including your patience), exercise your Rights under our Constitution to protect yourself, your property and others under threat of violence and raise that gun — let the situation, conditions and your reason direct what you do after that.

This “Obama crew” of “volunteers” — having each already vowed to dedicate themselves to Barack Obama before being accepted into this “volunteer” organization — are an arm of the Democratic National Committee, so-called, attempting to “retrain” American citizens away from dedication and loyalty to the United States of America and into pledging loyalty to Barack Obama instead. I never thought in this nation that I would live to witness such a violation and undue control of individual’s free will as this, but, here this is or soon will be.

320wde_obama-flattirebus21 Watch the door. Keep an eye on your property boundary. Refuse the infection, protest against the assault of freedoms. And talk with every impressionable person, young and old alike, who you suspect may be entertaining or, worse, carrying the seed of this dreadful “change”.

American Thinker: “THE KNOCK ON THE DOOR


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