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250wde_mary-landrieu_givemeyourchange These were Louisiana Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu’s very words on a LIVE television broadcast this past Wednesday:

“This Stimulus Package — we’ve cut the fat, we’ve firmed it up, we’ve made it more muscular, it’s a more muscular package…” which Landrieu uttered with a sly grin on her face as she lingered adoringly on the words, “the fat…firmed it up…more muscular… muscular package” — she drew out those words applying noticeable, near-breathless emphasis with a moisture-rich voice, her mouth suggestively upping on one side.

Today she’s continuing her disgusting statements on television but she’s edited out the triple-x, uh, support emphasis while instead now trying a more “look at the camera, seriously” approach. Today’s appearances by Landrieu finds her sitting, however, even closer to the lense.

What is this woman’s problem? She not only lacks any reasonable sense of public decorum (internationally broadcast media appearance were used to blab such profanity as quoted here), but she’s apparently utterly grubby. Worse, she’s in the U.S. Senate promoting nearly a trillion dollars of debt (for everyone else — I don’t see the Democrats offering to put up their salaries to repay this thing) on decidedly dishonest and cheap terms.

When I was growing up, that was called “vulgarity.”

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