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I’ll believe this when I see the PORKULUS vote tally but just read from a report from NRO as to the Senate that (my) California Senator, Dianne Feinstein (whose party I do not share) “may not support” PORKULUS.

Here’s the video of Feinstein proclaiming she “reserves the right” to vote against the stimulus, and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ reaction to her comments.

I’ll believe it when I see it. But, if she makes good on this tentative position (not supporting PORKULUS), I’ll gladly write a glowing gratuity post about her and about that. This position of hers, if realized, would undue a world of harms she’s enacted politically, in my view both as a voter and as a resident of California.

If this be but political grandstanding using PORKULUS to gain support or deflect criticism (which will come out, whichever it may be), she’s not ever getting so much as a nod of consideration from me, ever again.

As to the other California Senator, Barbara Boxer, everyone saw what she’s about today from the Senate — her snotty sandboxing of Lindsey Graham — so there’s a lost cause there with Boxer, who has never met a Leftwing debt on behalf of Democratic party politics and associated unions, she does not like.

The state of California is in ruins not for lack of useful idiots such as Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and public workers unions (and oftentimes Feinstein) helping the place dive nose-first into chaos.


Feinstein’s problems with PORKULUS are not related to increase in taxes (she doesn’t object to that)…

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