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Today began the Tea Party Protests nationwide — if you missed participating in one, there are more planned for the near-future.

Stay-tuned… However, don’t expect the “mainstream media” (so-called) to cover these events: word this evening is that Google’s YouTube is pulling videos posted from today’s noontime events, and, the only media who (so I read as posted on twitter) covered these events has been FOX (Greta Van Susterenincluded “on the road” coverage of the protests) and, surprisingly, MSNBC (though I anticipate they’ll be applying their predictable, negative spin to the events).

Meanwhile, more are planned for future dates this year: April 15, 2009 and July 04, 2009. I’m suggesting that everyone save their used teabags for these future events — there’s that Pelosi Swamp, after all, and the taxpayers are being entirely used, so, no fresh tea for them!


dot-red2 Michelle Malkin’s extensive coverage, with a lot of photos == > “Tea Party photo album: Fiscal responsibility is the new counterculture“.

dot-red2 TCOT Report (today) has more links from around the nation, but this site (“NorthShoreJournal”) has links to each Tea Party by location from around the nation.

dot-red2Obama Comes Out of the (Centrist) Closet“..anyone who’se been reading this site knows I saw the guy clearly way over there on the Left from the very start.

dot-red2 Neil Cavuto quite astutely said earlier this evening on an appearance on O’Reilly that “Barack Obama…is the anti-Reagan”. Accept that fact and cease expecting a turnip to produce a good vintage; his interests, as also those by today’s Leftwing Democrat-majority in Congress, lie underground as to the future of the United States of America.

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  1. maureen says:

    Want to know where a tea pary will be near memy zip code is 19355. Thank you

  2. -S- says:

    I can’t determine that for you but I can direct you to where you can likely find more information:

    keep an eye on this site —

    for future announcements (locations, events).

    The latest news I’ve heard is that more Tea Party events will likely be held on April 15, 2009 and July 04, 2009 (among other dates later after that). As to locations, keep an eye on that site ( in the next month; if there’ll be an announcement of any event near you, that’ll be the site that it will appear on.

  3. sharon fox says:

    I attended the st.louis under the arch protest on feb.27th. It was nice to see such a great turn-out. It is critical that we keep the momentum going and perhaps kick it up a notch by having bonfires whereby we take a copy of our tax-returns and burn
    them!!! We should also video the event and make sure all Capitol Hill Reps./ Senators and of course, The President get a copy, with a short note stating “POWER TO THE PEOPLE”.
    Better yet, let’s go total tax revolution, and not file any Federal Returns this year and then they can’t continue to waste our money!!!!!

    1. -S- says:

      There are more Tea Party protests planned for April 15 (and, I think, July 04).

      If you can, register with and look up the “hash codes” of “#TeaParty” and “TCOT” (without the quotes) and that’ll show you ongoing remarks about the issue as they events develope.

      Also, visit (website where the “TCOT” comments from will post in realtime updates), because that’s the site that carries the latest news and events, as planned and being organized.

      I wouldn’t ever suggest anyone not file their income tax return(s), though it does seem to be O.K. with several Democrats in Congress and the current Administration…

      The one thing to keep in mind is that those who are trying to shut down the Tea Party organizating and events are using “environmental” issues to do so, because the events have proper permits and the environmental, well, excuses, are a means to attempt to crouch the events. So burning papers and “littering” (dumping tea in rivers, etc.) is something people should avoid doing to avoid being harassed while at the events.

      Just my lone suggestions here. Glad to read you attended and if you want to post any more news about what you saw, experienced in St. Louis, please feel free to comment again!