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The U.S. taxpayers are not only going to be paying millions/billions/now-up-to-trillions for things such as Pelosi’s marsh mice and Reid’s Train-to-More-Debt, but are going to be paying “$99,600.” for “doorbells” at a Missouri public housing property. More rent payments for those in need of public housing, I can understand, but doorbells?

The rationalization for $96,000-worth of doorbells rings hollow (most of this Stimulus Pork Pie does), and the housing authority related says that drains are in need of repair, some residents have “open cabinets” and worse, but why the doorbells as a priority, such that this is an “emergency” funding qualifier? Does Missouri have a lot of unemployed doorbell-installers that just have to be paid and paid now?

Why not repair plumbing or provide more emergency housing to needy persons? From the look of the public response to these $96,000 doorbells, very few (about 1 or 2%) think this is necessary — most people recognize the increased indebtedness as unjustifiable on any “emergency” basis.

Rent, understandable. Plumbing for public housing that’s decrepit, understandable, safety for the elderly in public housing, understandable, but none of these represents an emergency, though a recognized understandable humanitarian consideration. If the “elderly” at this particular doorbell-opting complex just HAVE to have “doorbells” for $96,000., then why not Cadillacs and new toasters, too? How about weekly manicures? The taxpayer are being charged $96,000. for doorbells, so how would weekly manicures and a few new Cadillacs make any less sense? If it’s an emergency, after all, seems to me that the new cars would get them around quicker for emergency needs, but doorbells? Charged to taxpayers as an emergency when those taxpayers are eating cheese and noodles weekly, while they pay their own housing AND the public housing costs and NOW the $Trillion Stimulus Pork Pie including these 96,000-worth of doorbells on the way.

I’m sure I am not the only person who recognizes the wasteful ridiculous here. I also recognize that what is deemed “Stimulus Package” is fraught with NON emergency funding that the taxpayers are going to be paying for generations to come, so it was expected to mean what the salesmen of the Package said it was to represent: emergency indebtedness.

Read the details of the fully sliced Pork Pie by state.

When the nation’s taxpayers are in a hole — and we are — the Obama Administration shows up with more shovels: “shovel ready!

Dig that hole, dig it deeper!


TALES OF STIMULUS PORK” by AmericanThinker


…that’s a LOT of pie. Our children, grand-children, great-grandchildren and their children, should the nation still exist by then, are going to be paying for it.

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