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250wde_obama-a-new-dope2 This is what happens when you elect a creep to the Presidency: he reduces the Office (and himself) to the lowest common denominator while placing the entire world on edge with threats, declarations of doom “or else” and takes to denigrating females (so far, they’ve all been non-Liberal ones) as to their respective body shapes and sizes.

With a composition such as Michelle Obama affixed to him, there is no room for this man to be denigrating Jessica Simpson as “fat” but he did do exactly that:

Lauer: But I wanna show you the cover. Look what they did. They — they took you off the cover.

Obama: Yeah.

Lauer: They took you out of it.

Obama: It — it’s — it’s a little hurtful.

Lauer: You got replaced by Jessica Simpson.

Obama: Yeah, who’s in a weight battle apparently. (LAUGHTER) Yeah. Oh, well.

“It’s…hurtful”? Obama’s “hurt” that his face was removed from, what, the five hundred thousandth media cover in existence in the last two years? He’s “hurt”?! If THAT’s “hurtful” to Obama, what, exactly, does he think his reckless, snooty, unkind and crude ongoing remarks about females (not among the Left) are?

“Can’t put lipstick on a pig” was Obama’s woeful snottiness as to Sarah Palin. Obama offered his rationalizations as to that snottiness afterward but everyone who watched and heard him deliver that statement didn’t miss what his intent was: he meant what he said and he said it in reference to Sarah Palin — there was no mistaking what he was expressing and that he was a cad for saying what he said.

195wde_michelle-obama-ugly Then there’s his own wife, not (at all) a pretty picture if appealing in any regard as to her physical appearance — and I’d say her appearance in her character comes up lacking even moreso but the point here is Obama’s unusually caddy, ungentlemanly, immature and offensive gossipy-snippiness about females who are not among the Left, while his own selected standards of taste appear quite dismal.

125wde_michelle-obama-notprettyGiven his human surroundings, he’s hardly one to make any value judgements as to a woman’s attractiveness or lack thereof but it goes beyond that: I think what it reveals is Obama’s ongoing hostility to and about females — those among the Left don’t challenge him while those not among the Left do, so he has animosity to and about them.

Barack Obama is not a likeable person as a man to many females, despite the hype about his, well, personna — I find the guy quite ugly on a physical level but exceptionally ugly spiritually and psychologically. Which means I’d cross a street to avoid walking past him on a sidewalk.

That he’s directing his animosity toward targeted women as to their physical appearances — and so flippantly, without hesitation, such cruelly immature statements and on the public dime at that — bespeaks a man with problems. Not that the rest of this troubled man goes unnoticed.

Of all the things in this world that a man newly elected to the Presidency could speak to the media about, Barack Obama opted to think he was funny and entertaining (“cool”) to take a jab at, of all people, Jessica Simpson for, of all things, her weight. It was, instead, the tiny talk of a tiny, petty man.

As to Jessica Simpson, the recent photos of her show her having gained weight since her heady-leggy days of earlier. Still, she looks great, says she feels great, end of story. My hunch is she probably stopped smoking and gained the pounds by getting healthier.

For some reason, Barack Obama — who still smokes, “enjoys a martini” and lobs down (on the taxpayers) Kobi beef among a wealth of a lot of other things — uses his time in the Presidency before yet another theatrical media helper to devote time to dissing an individual American citizen and for her weight at that. A petty, little man who thinks he’s pretty and important and proves he is the former but not either of the latter two.

220wde_obamajusteatswaffle I read a statement from one of his teachers from a school he attended in Indonesia, and, the woman described Obama as a “gluttonous kid” — eating much more than his peers such that Barack Obama was known to be “chubby” as an over-eater. And now look what he’s become: a bigger pig.

(Here’s a link to an excerpt — the original article has since been “scrubbed”/removed.)

Michelle Malkin wrote about this, too:
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