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320wde_obama-flattirebus2 I’d communicate my immense displeasure to my two Democrat Senators about their support of this corruption — Eric Holder now confirmed as the U.S. Attorney General — but, unfortunately, my opinion would not mean a thing to them and I’d have wasted my few cents and time involved in even trying to contact both of them (Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer).

Because, my two Senators are among the Left who actually enjoy either nominating or afterward confirming outlaws to Cabinet positions and certainly do their best to whittle away at the Second Amendment and American citizens who care to try to exercise their Constitutional rights. The Left frequently if not consistently declares their dedication to “human rights” but they hold a particular animosity to and about American citizens as to our Constitutional rights. Therein lies the Left’s flat plausibility as to their credibility in government.

Senator Feinstein enjoys the use of a Concealed Carry permit — and is an ‘anti-gun’ Senator in the U.S. Congress — as so I read, though from her voting character alone, from my perspective as another voter, it looks to me that she’s enjoying something she does not think other citizens should (in other words, that she’s “privileged” in her justifications for needing and using this option to her advantage — the right to carry a concealed weapon [which all citizens of good character SHOULD be able to do except, apparently, in the minds of Democrats])

The Second Amendment “vacillations” by the Left, including most horribly by Eric Holder, represent genuine untrustworthiness (and I include Holder’s nominator in that). But equally of untrustworthiness are Holder’s histories of negotiating with and FOR terrorists — groups, individuals. (See the end of this post for links to my earlier posts about these issues.)

And as to Boxer, anything I hope and believe in can be reasonably anticipated to be ridiculed by her from Congress. Feinstein, well, I just think she’s corrupt through and through by this hour and whatever it is she does to occupy the “Senate Intelligence Committee” Chair position has nothing to do with wisdom or intelligence but everything to do with being amoral and corrupt, while the “intelligence” aspect is cast aside completely. What is fascist about the Left continues to emerge fully functional, though in steps, and that is, that their target for harms and insults is the American citizenry, while their allies in these efforts are (others) who (also) seek to harm us. So I wonder to a point of abject frustration just who it is they think they’re representing and what country they think they live in because it very frequently is not anything resembling the United States of America.

dot-red1 Nominating Eric Holder to the position of Attorney General (by Barack Obama — by now, such corrupt nominations/decisions are to be expected) was pitiful enough as to our nation but the Senate confirming this “negotiator for terrorists” (and with them) is beyond radical, is beyond upsetting, it’s an alarm signal inside a red light flashing an atomic warning about an extinction level event, as to our nation’s law enforcement character. The tires on the bus, they are flat, though the sirens, they wail.

And I note that Holder continues to declare his, as does Obama, focus on those “human rights” yet he holds out such pitiful resignation if not closeted resentment about the Supreme Court upholding the Second Amendment (as meaning what it says — a stumbling block, for sure, a deflation of the overpuffed, decidedly, as to lawful citizens enjoying individual gun ownership and use, which both Holder and Obama (if not the entire Democratic Party) really and genuinely resents if not loathes: the idea of an armed militia always bothers fascists or fascists-in-the-budding, as what we see today from the encroaching Socialist Leftwing in the U.S.A.

Can’t have free citizens not under the control of the “rule” so they begin a process that maligns freedom — particularly as to the Second Amendment — as being the unruly-awful they can’t control and therein that needs to be controlled: in other words, the outlaws gain the use of the Sheriff’s office and the Sheriff gets thrown into jail. Or, “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” and that’s about what is being shown today.

Holder said at his confirmation hearings: “I understand that the Supreme Court has spoken.” But he added that some restrictions on guns could still be legal.

If ever there was a wan and pitiful complaint veiled in being upstanding, there is that from Holder vis-à-vis Obama vis-à-vis Holder. So their campaign to get those “restrictions” on is underway…

Related: read about HOPLOPHOBIA (which does not address the political goals of Marxists, who fear and despise an armed populations for ~other reasons~ than Hoplophobia).

dot-red1 Worse, many Republicans in Congress voted to confirm this character as A.G. Among them, the predictable RINO contingency (McCain, for starters)…

I’m reading the voter tally now and it’s not pretty: many Republicans folded and there’s little information as to why they did.

The only GOOD NEWS to come out of all of this is that there were a few Republicans in the Senate who actually voiced disagreement with Holder’s confirmation, and who refused to vote “yeah”. But the consent for this madness of an A.G. is disgusting, by all who consented.

About the nomination, however, as to Obama nominating Holder, this was proof positive — as if more was needed — that Obama lacks moral character that is recognizable among free men in any democracy. I guess that’s the point.


ANOTHER insulting declaration from the Left in Congress, in relationship with Eric Holder’s confirmation, was this wretchedly vile if not illiterate statement from the likes of that crustacean-left-in-the-sun-too-long, Senator Patrick Leahy:

Holder’s chief supporter, Sen. Patrick Leahy, said the confirmation was a fulfillment of civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s dream that everyone would be judged by the content of their character.

“Come on the right side of history,” said Leahy, D-Vt., chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Let’s see, Holder’s being brayed to be “the first Black Attorney General” yet Leahy has the nerve (certainly, the lack of intellectual reasoning) to declare that Holder as A.G. represents the fulfillment of Martin Luther King’s “dream”?

How preposterously nonsensical IS that thought? Is Leahy a well man? Has he had a check-up lately from a non-Democratic neurologist? Or counsel from a Priest of late? What, exactly, is wrong with Leahy’s mind?

I asked the very same questions about the likes of Senator Ted Kennedy, to much derision from many Leftists over the years, but then look: man was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

I think closer examination of the competency of Leahy needs to be done, and certainly the Democrats in Congress need a sit-down refresher course in just what “law enforcement” means, what they do, what they are not to do, who an Attorney General is in that context (and any others) and why it’s corrupt AND irrational (unless you’re helping the corruption) to place a man with a history of advocating for and commiserating with terrorists into that office.

I am a voice crying in the wilderness…

But I don’t care to reprint all of what I’ve already written here about Holder, so please go read my earlier but recent posts about Holder and related issues represented by and in this Holder nomination, since today confirmed: corruption in high places, the untrustworthy hired on to guard the safety of those they have proven to betray.

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