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Obama’s 10 reasons for supporting infanticide

Watch this video to hear a description of what infanticide is, and mention of but two hospitals nationwide who commit this horrible, hideous, wretched act that Barack Obama (and wife, and many other Democrats) work so feverishly to support.

This is who Barack Obama (and wife) are. They are not “intelligent” but cunning, nor are they “for the people” but are,instead, anti-life; nor are they any of the other empty platitudes by which they sell themselves to impressionable, gullible or perhaps equally morally corrupt individuals. No, these are people who advocate for — who fundraise for and encourage others to support — infanticide (among other corrupted behaviors).

220wde_obamaglare They-who-malign-Christ advocate for infanticide. And as an advocate — active supporter and seeker of funding for this practice — Barack Obama’s “commiseration with terrorists” (both before November 04, 2007 while a private citizen and afterward) is pale by comparison with the barbarism and deplorable malignment of Christ that is infanticide.

Noun — malignment: slanderous defamation
smear, vilification, calumniation, calumny, defamation, hatchet job, traducement, obloquy – a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone’s words or actions.

To malign Christ, therefore, is to misrepresent Him — the Savior, He who is All Good — as evil, and by representing evil as holy, by misleading others into committing and supporting ruinous beliefs and acceptances and acts as “the good” under ruse of being honorable under Christ, one associates with evil and not with righteousness. More bluntly, one defames righteousness by deceiving others as to the nature of evil, deceptively representing evil as righteous and vice-versa.

Writing or saying one is “a Christian” (and/or “Catholic”) while also then engaging in acts — as ruinous and despicable as infanticide and other abortion behaviors, to name but a few — and supporting those who also so advocate, is defamation of Christ. In other words, blasphemy. In other words, it is evil.

The Catholic Church declares that abortion is intrinsic evil. When one supports evil, advocates for evil, represents support of and association with evil, one becomes evil by association, participation — by supporting evil, one shares in the responsibility for it.

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