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275wde_obama_heist House Democrats voted to pass PORKULUS (Obama’s “Stimulus Package”) but didn’t get around to reading the legislation, nor did they get around to publishing the proposed legislation with any reasonable lead such that the public could even look at it in the form in which it was passed. It was the “we voted for it but we don’t know what it says” ruse by Democrats, in compliance with political demands, irregardless of facts, numbers, public opinion, common sense, you name it, the Democrats have abandoned all reason.

In the Senate, Democrats are in the process of huddling-to-gobble it down, too. With the assistance of three troubled Republicans (Senators Snowe and Collins from Maine, who appear to have been compromised ethically, and Arlen Specter from Philadelphia, who appears to be mentally incompetent), PORKULUS is anticipated to pass.

PORKULUS is set to cost the “average American household” “$2,900.” a year. (NOTE: Update, it’s now “$3,279.75” as average annual cost to average family). For that $2,900. $3,279.75, the average American household can anticipate getting an average of $13.00 a week more in their paycheck but only until January 2010, at which time it’ll be $8.00 on average but the costs to the average family will go up (from $3,279.75 costs to families to something higher). The equation is certainly not balanced and there’s no “net gain” or even any advantage.

Which is a deal that anyone with any sense would quickly walk away from and not look back. That is, unless you’re a Democrat in Congress, the White House or among the Democrat-endorsing lobbyists who anticipate getting a big slice of pork pie after today.

Which everyone else will pay for. And their children will pay for when we’re gone, and their children will.

Never have so few done so terribly upon so many others as today: the Democrats.

I thank each and every single Republican in Congress who has refused to vote for PORKULUS. The question is now, how do we undo PORKULUS and how soon can we accomplish that?

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