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225wde_coward_wframe …And this is only in the last few days, all this amoral damage and barbaric behavior from amidst these Democrats — just scratching the surface of the mangy lot, not even including the broader array of their kind.

Eric Holder says that “Americans…are a nation of cowards.” I write this with dreadful disgust, that Holder is not only the coward but he’s the crook — which one’s worse is up to individual perspectives but being the head of our nation’s law enforcement and being a coward and a crook is not a good basis for our nation’s well-being and future.

Holder’s remark was despicable, low down and ugly: in other words, cowardly where should have been courage, creepy where should have been admirable. Holder’s history is far from stellar and his rotten remark was utterly unsupportable if not downright revealing of a cad.

Worse, I note that when Holder uttered this awful negation of Americans (“a nation of…”) he spat out the word, “cowards” with real displeasure, as if hacking a hairball, certainly with a higher than usual degree of noticable disgust in his tone: “Americans…a nation of COWARDS,” he spat out the two words with apparent distaste. Holder’s motives are showing.

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225wde_racist-clyburn_wframe Then there’s the wretched, racist remark by James Clyburn (D/Crazy Ward) (UPDATE, CONTENT LATER REMOVED BY MIAMI HERALD [link just provided here], BUT HERE and HERE are two additional links to same information), in which he tried to embarrass and lambast certain state Governors — interestingly enough, Clyburn directed his nastiness to only Republican Governors — declaring that Governors (uh, that’d be Republicans) who refused to accept the “Stimulus money” from Barack Obama’s Porkulus Greedfest were “racists,” that this represented — so Clyburn dribbled on — “a slap in the face to African-Americans.”

I’m somewhat surprised there was not a chorus behind Clyburn singing in a high-pitched, feverish tone, “Republican Governors hate Black people!”

When was it ever declared that the “Stimulus” Porkpie was money for “Black people,” such that refusing it represented some denigration (or, “slap in the face,” to quote Clyburn) of Black people (“African-Americans”)?

Clyburn: Stimulus Refusal ‘A Slap in the Face’ to Blacks, Even if Unintentional
House Majority Whip alleges ‘a colored thread that ran through’ the governors refusing stimulus money.
— from Business And Media, February 2009.

Clyburn: GOP Governors’ Stimulus Refusal Would Be ‘Slap in the Face’ to Blacks
— from Fox News, AP article, February 19, 2009

Wizbang sums up, very well and succinctly, the disgust at Clyburn’s nasty, baseless, hateful and quite racist slur: “CRYING WOLF.”

225wde_liar-nancypelosi_wframe Then there is this ongoing amorality from Nancy Pelosi, House Majority Whip (D/Land of the Profane): she journeyed to Rome, Italy (after rushing through the Stimulus Porkpie on “an emergency” signage highjack so she could make her lavish trip), during which escapade she was received by Pope Benedict (Rome, the Vatican).

As anyone who is actually a Catholic is aware — this excludes the rendition or variety that Nancy Pelosi is associated with based upon her wildly-profane ideology in reference to the Church — Catholics (the real ones) believe that abortion is a grave sin, a horrific affront upon another human life.

Yet, some persons such as Pelosi — who claim to be “ardent Catholics” (that means something special to Pelosi, something apart from and above, if you will, Catholics, that she’s “ardent“) — who disagree and maintain an obstinate and post-baptismal denial of a or many positions maintained by the Catholic Church, and yet continue to claim what they deem is their rightful, befitting place within the Church, are by their own obstinance and aberrant positions not Catholics: they reveal themselves to not be Catholics by their own dedication to “non-Catholic” positions, academically, and theologically, they ex-communicate themselves from the Church by maintaining positions that defy the theology of the Church.

This, then — where Pelosi loiters — represents an ipso-facto (or, by itself it is proven) and heretical position and REQUIRES ex-communication: the act itself (maintaining a heretical position) triggers ex-communication from The Church, and yet Nancy Pelosi (as with other Democrats like her, namely, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, others) maintains her support and advocation for abortion (among other heretical positions she/they maintain).

A person can do a dance, dress up, dress down, wear beads, not wear beads and/or apply abundant adjectives to themselves (“ardent“) or make whatever claims they fancy but it does not, indeed, render them who and what they maintain: who they actually are is revealed by what they support and assist, theologically and practically in reflection of that.

As legislators, also, Pelosi and these and other Democrats are in a position of immense social influence (as is everyone and anyone in our U.S. Congress). What they say, even as opinion, influences many others, even globally. And, when what they opine is “loopy” in a religious context in reference to the Church, which they then mislabel as characteristic of (them) being “Catholic” (or, “an ardent and practicing Catholic” as Pelosi continues to claim, preposterously), then this needs to be confronted. Because it’s misleading others — it is, in fact, leading others astray (also a very grave sin).

All politics aside, this heresy needs confrontation, from Catholics, from the Church, upon those engaged in it. In Pelosi’s case, she’s been asked to conference with her own Bishop (San Francisco, CA), she’s been confronted with what the Church maintains (about abortion, for starters, that it represents a “grave sin”), she’s been formally asked by her Bishop to stop misrepresenting the Church’s position on this and other issues that Pelosi has other loopy personal opinions about (and uses a great deal of influence to mislead others, accordingly), yet she continues in her loopy deceits.

And one is nota practicing Catholic” (nor an “ardent” one) if and as one is involved in promoting and supporting beliefs that run contrary to those held by the Church (and in Pelosi’s case, which she promotes as representative of the Church, while this is yet more sinful, and gravely so, that she maintains — “obstinately” or in her egotistical determination to override what the Church maintains and to deceive others that her individual “reworks” represent actual; it’s devilish, to be blunt, it’s the essence of evil, Pelosi’s loopy but determined deceit).

So she flies off to Rome (taxpayers paid for that) with other Democrats. The Pope meets with her, he reaffirms to her what the Church’s positions are, the Vatican follows-up, smartly, acutely, with a press release about what the meeting involved, the Pope formally affirming to Pelosi what the Church maintains and how her opinions misrepresent and defy what the Church maintains while she alleges she’s “Catholic”), and what does Nancy Pelosi do afterward?

She issues her own pubic statement that is diametrically opposite what the Vatican has announced, she lies.

Her profanity politically is bad enough here in the U.S. but Pelosi’s misrepresentations of the Church are of an eternal nature, and represent grave sin on her part.

I recognize that the Church’s mission is to save souls, even those so engaged as ghastly and profanely as Pelosi’s, among others. We are all sinners, I also well recognize that. But when someone’s in a position of leadership and remains determined to call sin, not sin, and advise others that this is what the Church maintains (which it certainly does not), then, ex-communication is, indeed, already occuring (“ipso facto” — by the deed itself it is done).

WERE THEY AT THE SAME MEETING? The Pope and the Speaker in Rome.

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  1. quentin morgan says:

    Here, here!!! Keep it coming, I can smell open revolution. Not the rocks and guns type, but the booklet type of the 1770s. Our country has been taken over by our employees. We must take it back…

  2. says:

    […] EXCELLENT COLUMN: “Let The Honest Talk About Race Begin” Eric Holder: that Americans “are a nation of cowards”. By the way, since I wrote my retort to Holder’s despicable speech in which he leveled that nastiness, I’ve seen hundreds of […]