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220wde_obamainthevalley1I GET IT,” he proclaimed!

I watched the History Channel last night and only tuned-into the “Obama performs proclamations againappearance from the U.S. Congress in intervals. On each interval-visit — lasting moments only such that I could check if it was over or not (“yet”) — I captured startling words: “this threat” — “devastation” — “corruption” — “peril” — and it continued on like that with every momentary check-in I made.

This same phenomenon occurred in Obama’s previous theatrical “visits” to our nation: I tuned-in during his speech/es at irregular intervals only to hear similar, equivalent-doomsday words by Obama, then tuned-out again as quickly as possible. With every visit: doomandgloom, “devastation” and that booming yet empty voice.

It’s well past time that as many people as can manage to do so, stop being influenced by the “oratory” or “great speaker”-teleprompter reader and start focusing, instead, on just what this teleprompter-reader actually says.

If you listen to what he actually says, Barack Obama is vengeful, immaturely negatively-emotionalized, misleading and worse. I’ve devoted a good amount of posts on this site to specifying examples of each of those characteristics (so, please, if interested, read the Categories at the footer of this post for more, related).

An additional example, however, is this: Obama proclaimed that “(he) (would) root out corruption in Medicare”.

How many persons hearing that actually understand just what, specifically, he’s referring to and why?

Few among his ardent supporters are enrolled in Medicare — I think that goes without saying — what with Obama’s highest support among what I view as more gullible “youth” (most of whom appear impervious to the fact that those “increased educational loans” via Obama’s recent Stimulus Package, so-called, are going to cost them an immensely higher amount in interest than what’s available “pre-Obama” — yet they lapped-up his vaguery “because he’s such a great speaker” or so I often read/heard from that segment of his supporters). The rest of Obama’s highest support group is eager to get more funding for Medicaid, more things, goods and services through Medicaid funding in respective states — “free” school lunches for their children, healthcare for themselves and families, daycare and other services — but I doubt that a lot of Obama’s audience last night (or before) are enrolled in Medicare.

Medicare has for the last few years, at least, been restricting services to enrollees — and in the view of physicians, underpaying physicians for their services — such that few doctors nearly nationwide will any longer accept Medicare patients. So to be enrolled in Medicare is hardly, by a very large gap, to be receiving healthcare beyond a very grim minimum if at that. No physicians today will provide any (or rarely will provide any) specialist care to those enrolled in Medicare, and, hospitals go out of their way to avoid admitting Medicare enrollees, except in very grave circumstances.

Medicare enrollees pay monthly premiums for outpatient and inpatient care, they pay co-pays for both, and for that receive minimal care: no preventative care, very little screening tests and doctor appointments only for “covered services” that today is shaved down to exclude just about everything most people seek a doctor appointment to discuss or examine. Medicare enrollees who are fortunate enough to have a physician who will accept them as patients are then denied just about all treatments for issues because physicians then deem treatments as “not covered.” But enrollees still pay their monthly premiums and co-pays.

The profiteers from Medicare are hospitals and suppliers and many of the hospitals for residency programs for physicians, and by that, then, for physicians themselves. That is, to state this again, a large portion of Medicare funding goes to pay hospitals for the residency programs for physicians, to whom residency is a necessary, essential aspect of their medical educations.

While most Americans will eagerly support (as I do) great training for physicians, this area of Medicare expenditures is little known by most Americans. Yet when Medicare is mentioned, critics will point to “greedy old people” who “abuse the system” — two negative stereotypes that are awful and just plain sick themselves.

People enrolled in Medicare aren’t diagnosing themselves and referring themselves to services and goods, it’s physicians who do that — and only when Medicare enrollees can find a physician who will receive them as a patient. Continuing to reduce reimbursement rates to physicians for providing necessary healthcare to Medicare enrollees — as Obama is trying to do now — will only ensure that the remaining, lonely few physicians nationwide who continue to treat Medicare patients will join the majority of those who have already decided to stop doing so. Enrollees will continue to pay their premiums and they’ll continue to not be able to find doctors who will see them as patients and the government will then be able to continue using premium payments that are expected to be for “healthcare” for other purposes (namely, to send more money to hospitals who won’t treat Medicare patients anyway, since few do now, except in extreme circumstances and then only meagerly).

So what I suspect Obama is referring to — when he claims he’ll “root out corruption in Medicare” is he’s going to push on through in denying yet more services to Medicare enrollees, frightening yet more physicians away from treating Medicare enrollees and thereby strangling what remains of a once-excellent program. It’d be a means to push through his nationalization of healthcare, one way to go about it, make that claim, ruin what remains of Medicare and direct the funding to non-patient care and into those so-called “hospital” associates of his, and that’s almost certainly what’s lying just under the surface of his declaration about “root(ing) out corruption” (meaning, destroy this program, replace it with his Socialist/nationalized-healthcare model).

Listen to what he actually says, not how he says what he says. Listen to what his politics actually are, not what he performs with a teleprompter about vagueries and grandiose nonsensical (but politically expedient) terms.

If you like fake sword fights, pointy slippers and green wool tights, Obama’s theatrics inspire that which is “free.” Until you have to pay for your ticket. And his. And your grandchildren do, too.

House Republican Leader John Boehner noticed that “is-anyone-listening” thing, too.

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