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If you are a regular folk then you know other regular folk and all of you should visit and join in with other regular folk. Or visit with other regular folk wherever you find them. Because the Right isn’t beaten or busted-over, it’s just reorganizing. The Left has one thing and one thing only that works in it’s favor: their ability to harass and gossip about everyone else (I include damaging legislation and regulation as “gossip” because it is rooted in deception for-to-gain popularizing vanity advantage).

Thus, the inherent moral failure by the Left is assured — they are not strong by their weak characters, they are merely taking advantage. Their appeal is to the lower nature in humanity which only works by vanity of riot mode: evocative, more than likely injurous, self-gratifying to a point of lust. Thus, inherent to the Left are lies (because they fear reconciliation for the reality of who they are), hiding-away/falsifying information (that’s because they are fearful), reliance on rigging and rigging that fails to solve any actual problems (because they lack substance, lack genuine understanding or reject understanding of solutions that benefit overall, thus, abundant restrictions like a roped-off or walled-over rationalization on issues), appearances and hyperbole: it all appeals to and serves the lower nature among us, it isn’t lasting, it’s not inspiration by good but by all that is not good; but, this destroys civilizations at it’s most elaborate and unbridled — look at history for proof of that: the Left is destructive by character and deceptive by nature. The task for others is to survive them and correct the damage the Left does, or, fail by submission or lack of action.

And, the hurdle to figure out is how and why it is that the “mean” or average among humanity is easily seduced by the Left, which is the Left’s sole tool at work: they mob others; however, their methods and intentions are not of the good but they can be overwhelming. So Republicans strategize that appeals to the “middle” or “independents” is necessary and while that philosophy is right based upon numbers and numbers alone, it’s a philosophical strategy that fails to address why it is that the Left overwhelms and then casts aside it’s own numbers: inherent corruption essential to the Leftwing’s Socialist usery of the individual.

From the regular folk at (wing tip for Grizzly Groundswell), this composure by Lori Roman:

“‘TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE INAUGURATION” (I’m including some of my own graphics on this reprint):

Twas the night before inauguration

And all around the White House,

The Republicans weren’t stirring;

They’d been told not to grouse.

The porta-potties were put on the parade route with care

In hopes that St. Obama soon would be there.

The cabinet picks were hustled up to Capitol Hill

Where Hillary practiced being polite and not shrill.

200wde_pelosi_monarch2 And Pelosi in her tiara and Reid in his crown

Did their best to hide scandals from sun up to sun down.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

They ran from the chambers to see what was the matter.

They rushed to their microphones just to assure us,

But we still saw the crowd around Roland Burris.

Americans were interested to see the new show,

And all the new actors with scandals in tow.

275wde_obama_binkielikespie1 When what to our wondering eyes should appear,

But an inexperienced leader and his comrades of fear.

With a little chief-of-staff so sneaky and quick,

That he can disappear when caught in Chicago style tricks.

225wde_rahmemanuel_dec1-08 More rapid than rats, his comrades they came,

And he joked and pandered and called them by name:

Now Geithner, now Holder,

Richardson and Clinton,

On Socialist Browner,

Olberman and Wolf Blitzer.

250wde_georgesoros-how-he-gets-money1 To the top of the Hill, to the top of the mall,

Now stash away, stash away, stash away all.

All of your secrets and all of mine too,

And smile as we perpetrate the biggest coup.

So up to the House and the Senate they flew,

With their sleigh full of hand outs and St. Obama too.

250wde_obama-a-new-dope And then in a twinkling we heard him speak,

“We can do what we want. Republicans are weak.”

All dressed in Burberry from his head to his foot,

His clothes were all tailored like he had lots of loot.

A bundle of pork he had flung on his back,

It’s the Chicago way he said as he opened his pack.

His eyes how they twinkled and his ears did protrude,

But no one stared, so as not to be rude.

Giving a nod, up Pennsylvania Avenue he road,

For the future of our country not well did it bode.

250wde_obama-finger-to-questioins The Dems are plagued with dirt and scandal

With Blago and Holder and Richardson and Rangel.

With Republicans spineless and the media with him,

The future looks bleak and daunting and grim.

Will everyone follow and act like sheeple?

Or are there liberty-loving courageous people?

Where do we find those that are ready to fight?

They are to be found at RegularFolksUnited website.

We will stand up for liberty and for what is right,

We will band together and raise voices with all of our might.

So fellow patriots we cannot worry or cry.

We have much to do — America is too young to die.

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