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320wde_timkaine-barack-infected After watching Tim Kaine over the past year, on various television broadcasts, foaming at the mouth and glaring at the camera with looks-that-wilt-and-cripple, today Kaine is re-presented to the public by Barack Obama as “the new head of the Democratic Party” complete with cheery promises that the Democratic Party is going to “do it’s best…to represent America.”

Interesting how when certain “clean candidates” get what they want — increased command over little people and the little people’s property — they become suddenly appeasing, like an office chair freshly sprayed with deodorizer.

Tim Kaine was reintroduced today by Barack Obama (who emphasized that he defines himself “as a Progressive” and who then pridefully brayed about Kaine as being “a Progressive,” too) and used the opportunity before an international, televised but captive, audience to present a new personna, one free of the earlier fevers from the past year or more. Now he’s Captain Progressive, he’s the calm Marxist to accompany Barack Obama’s ostentatious Progressive Marxism: they’re here to save America from democracy.

Needed: a cure or operation for the politics that infect Tim Kaine so he doesn’t continue to bite the legs of hapless victims, and, a vaccine for the already-bitten such that they might live to see another year free of the Democratic Party infection. And for America, needed: a means to isolate and contain The Progressive Infection.

Kaine’s prior personna — rabitic, fevered — is now replaced as if by Obama-command, overnight, with the new and improved, Mr. Howdy. Democrats never change, they just repackage their personalities.

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