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A proposal: should any U.S. taxpayer be audited by the IRS after today, advise them that you’ve “used the Geithner Method” to calculate your taxes, so, you don’t owe any. And that you’re owed a check from the Treasury to weigh against the taxes you are not paying.

If it’s good enough for the Secretary of the Treasury and the 60 Senators who voted to confirm Tim Geithner as such earlier today — along with the current President who nominated him — then it should be good enough for the taxpayers.

If the Senate (and the White House) wanted to create an image of a “strong, honorable American economy,” they just failed.

All this “big talk” by Obama and other Democrats — “we must rebuild our reputation in the world” and such they’ve wailed for the past six, seven years — is for naught. Instead, their bizarre response: confirm Timothy Geithner, tax cheat, as Secretary of the Treasury.


Senate votes 60-34 to confirm Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary

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