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320wde_obamaandthepost I thought this issue had washed out to sea by now — from weeks ago, reading in the Washington Post (sorry) that Barack Obama and wife asked President Bush and wife if they (the Obamas) could “have” the Blair House PRIOR TO the date that the Blair House was to be available to the President-Elect (Obama) and family, for the week prior to the elected actually being sworn in to the Office of the Presidency.

Story here — before the Leftwing miffers took great offense at nerve of the nation not bowing down before Barack and wife Michelle’s expectations that they’d be accommodated by the nation as per their whims — is that the Blair House is made available (at taxpayer expense, very much so) in D.C. to the President-Elect for the week prior to the Inauguration, and for the week prior to the President-Elect, then, being President and moving into the White House.

The two Obamas asked President Bush if they could move into Blair House in D.C. EARLIER than the week before the Inauguration, using the condition that they had two daughters who are transferring to D.C. schools who the Obamas wanted to be able to get into those schools in early January 2009 (so the Blair House was their target).

How and why it is or was that the two Obamas — since they allege to have this angst about the two childrens’ schools and logistics involved with that — how or why it is or was that the two Obamas while luxuriating lazily on a beachfront manse in Hawaii never got organized sufficiently or motivated adequately to cut short that luxurious beach vacation and rent a house in D.C. or secure a hotel suite, what with all that money the two Obamas are known to have the use of, far above normal and far more than what a very nice house, apartment or hotel suite would cost them for a few weeks in D.C.

But, no, they appear to have expected to use the Blair House on no notice, just like that, to move on in. The White House responded that the Blair House was “booked” and in use for OFFICIAL NATIONAL BUSINESS by prior arrangement, and that, the Obamas could anticipate using the Blair House for the week prior to the Inauguration, just like all previous President-Electeds, as needed.

Just this past week, the news was out that the Obamas were situated in D.C. in quite luxurious abundance in the Hay-Adams Hotel, most certainly an environ that rivals if not exceeds the conditions to be found at Blair House. So they’re hardly wanting in luxury, even for the two self-indulgent Obamas.

Enter the Leftwing critics who whine that the Blair House should have been cleared out of prior arrangement — specifically, guests and their plans long-since invited and secured there — and the Blair House made at the waiting for Barack, Michelle and their two daughters. Forget or disregard propriety and manners, just clear the place out because, because, Barack Obama is President-Elect, forget protocol, forget inconveniencing the nation, disregard existing obligations, just clear the place out and let the Obamas run amok if and as needed. Oh, the security, you know (Obama has a Secret Service detail).

Obama had no problem with his security detail in Hawaii, however, nor anywhere else he’s gone. The Secret Service are well capable of taking care of themselves, their charge and their living circumstances, and, the Blair House is not the only location in D.C. that can accommodate a security detail.

All this reasonableness has been disregarded by the Left as they’ve pounded public commenting on the internet with tears-of-snobbiness at the outrage that the Obamas were not being given over the Blair House and guests of the nation be damned!

Where Australia enters into this story is that the pre-arranged guest of the nation for whom Blair House has been reserved is Australian former Prime Minister John Howard, who is to receive a Medal of Freedom Award from President Bush, and, well, here’s the rest from HOT AIR (an Australian media outlet picked-up the Leftwing critics’ whining and seems to have promoted the “outrage” that Howard should be provided with considerate hospitality by the United States of America, while an ordinary citizen, Barack Obama, with millions of dollars in his pockets, is “forced to” luxuriate in a nearby hotel for…a…week prior to then, next week, occupying Blair House as the President-Elect).

If anyone from Australia is reading this — and I hope some are — the United States of America welcomes John Howard and is eager and exceptionally pleased to be able to offer him the use of the Blair House in Washington, D.C. in honor of his friendship and allied coordination with this nation in serious matters of global affect.

Barack Obama and wife should have done what responsible parents do every year the world over, and gone about securing themselves their own housing in a new city in anticipation and preparation of their childrens’ new school enrollment, and not spent several weeks being obnoxious and mostly naked, parading in Hawaii. If the Obamas’ two children are someone else’s responsibility — preposterous that they’d assume they’d replace any guest of this nation because they failed to plan for themselves while being “ordinary citizens” themselves — what precedent does this make as to how Barack is going to deal with the tasks of the Presidency. I dread to think.

Update: a-ha, there is a back story to why John Howard, specifically, is being so demeaned by the Obama-Left; I agree (with this poster) that Barack Obama receive the World’s Biggest Jackass Award, and right away. Mr. Biggest Jackass, meet Mr. Howard Who America Honors.

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