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That gold inundated-by-brocade-pretending-to-be-chintz thing Michelle Obama is wearing including a huge array of diamonds on her neck — this is an Inauguration ceremony, not a Royal Ball — honestly, if her inappropriate clothing selections are any indication of what’s to come, her legacy is set in, uhh, set in, uhh, well, Flip Wilson had better taste in clothing.

Combine today’s gold-draperies-billboard apparel with her “I am a giant insect” red-and-black November 04, 2008 Marxist-agitator-terror of a “dress,” and I think we can anticipate this problem continuing to expand downward.

Now back to not-watching the O-Bam-Biggy-Do (set is muted after hearing “celebrities” identified and “interviewed” and describing “so much hope” in this “world wide movement” — it’s nice to see Democrats come out of their stupor and recognize the United States of America, which I’m sure, if history serves well as example, they’ll continue to go about destructing as intensely as possible: “hope” — I think that’s the Left’s buzzword for “vanity”).

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