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Gov’t worried about media interest in Obama’s aunt

Barack Obama has an Aunt from Kenya, Africa — Zeituni Onyango, referred to as “Aunti Zeituni” in Obama’s memoir — who is in the United States of America illegally and who has defied several deportation orders.

aunt-house2-360_421965aDespite the deportation orders, she’s been and is being supported in this nation by Social Security payments, federally subsidized housing and even a “stipend” from a Boston service organization, all of which groups were and are aware that she is an illegal alien.

Discovered last year by media, “Aunt Onyango” was then quoted as saying she “comes and goes” from Kenya, Africa, to the U.S. and has been doing so, breezily with enjoyment, aware of the laws of the U.S. and that she’s in violation of them (she’s applied several times — with legal representation [and who paid for that is anyone’s guess and I assume Aunt Onyango did not] — for asylum, she’s had respective court hearings, she’s been denied asylum each time and deportation orders have been issued accordingly).

She objected (after being discovered in Boston) to the “media attention” and relocated, last I read, to Cleveland, Ohio, departing from subsidized housing in Boston for undoubtedly more subsidized residency in Cleveland. She’s almost certainly still receiving (either location) a monthly income from Social Security despite her not having paid taxes and despite her being here legally.

NOW her nephew, Barack Obama, is in the White House and we get this absurd headline: “Gov’t worried about media interest in Obama’s aunt“.

They’re not worried about her illegal behavior, they’re just “worried about media interest.”

Aunt Onyango has had several opportunities to make a case for asylum in a U.S. Court of law, and she’s been denied that asylum. Several times now. She’s been issued deportation orders, she’s ignored them, her access and use of federal taxpayer-resources continues, despite her being by this point fully aware that her behavior is morally and ethically (and as to the deportation orders) legally wrong.

This article creates an unusual and misleading scenario about “Aunt Onyango” (or, “Obama’s Aunt”) in which Aunt Onyango is described as miserable and suffering.

Yet in her original interviews from last year, when first discovered living illegallly in Boston, Aunt Obango spoke enthusiastically of her travels to and from the U.S.A. and Kenya and vice-versa.

Aunt Zeituni told The Times she had been coming to the US on and off since 1975.

She is all of fifty-six years old, hardly an elderly person; she is ambulatory (with a cane, shown in recent photos), she has no dependence on any artificial life support, she’s able to self-maintain as to feeding, clothing and bathing herself, all of which are identifiable characteristics of someone not substantially needy for daily sustenance and she is certainly not “elderly” at 56.

Aunt Onyango is receiving a monthly income from Social Security, she’s therein covered by Medicaid or Medicare (health care more generous than some American citizens receive), she’s enjoying subsidized housing (which means it’s of a certain livable standard that is not of the mud-hut, peeling-paint, dripping-faucet variety), she’s had and has the assistance of attorneys…she is hardly the picture of a suffering individual as to her circumstances.

And, since she’s “coming and going” with enjoyment and pleasure (so she’s publicly said) to and from Kenya, she’s hardly experiencing undue threat of bodily harm in Kenya, from whence she’s opted to assume residency in the U.S. instead (as convenient, so she’s also said).

I can’t speak for others, but I know I’m not able to afford trips to and from Africa and the United States. In fact, a trip to or from Boston and Cleveland (and a relocation) would be a challenge without a great deal of planning. Oh, I’m also a U.S. citizen (born here, as were my parents and their parents and theirs before them and theirs, ‘way back to pre-Revolutionary times).

The government SHOULD BE “concerned” about Aunt Onyango’s illegal presence in this nation, as it should be as to all illegal aliens such as Aunt Onyango who are receiving the federal assistance that is assumed by most citizens to be made available to other citizens — the poor elderly (56 years old is not “elderly”), the disabled, those without options as to surviving on their own initiative for whatever reason (criminal associations or causes, excluded).

In fact, a U.S. citizen involved in crime is disqualified from receiving those same benefits that illegal alien Aunt Onyango is receiving.

There are more than enough needy elderly and disabled adults and children in the U.S.A. who are citizens and legal immigrants or both. These are the individuals who merit federal subsidies and taxpayer assistance, when and as they are unable to provide for themselves (crime conditions excluded). And isn’t Barack Obama a millionaire? If his Aunt is in need — she’s in the U.S. illegally, she lacks her own means to support herself — then send her back to Kenya, respect the laws of the U.S. (existing deportation orders) and Barack and wife can send her a monthly support check.


dot-grey-outlineAuntie Onyango parties in D.C.

She does get around, doesn’t she? Poverty and all, must be tough, flying to and from, Boston, Kenya, back to Boston, back to Kenya, Boston again, Chicago for a visit, Boston again, Kenya, back to Boston, Cleveland, D.C., Cleveland, who knows where she’ll appear next (your tax dollars at work).

How is it she’s even getting on planes? I mean, she’s supposedly suffering and disabled, she’s impoverished, she’s “frail”…and how is Social Security keeping up with her with that monthly income? And a passport? Doesn’t anyone check any of this anymore?

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