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Eric Holder is the nominee for the Office of the U.S. Attorney General and who nominated him aside (Barack Obama did that), I’m mystified as to how it is that the U.S. Senate is even entertaining this man for any appointment. It speaks dreadfully about the lower ethical standards and dumbed-down or perhaps sickly lack of awareness in our Senate, and, if Holder is confirmed, it’ll speak even more dreadfully from there.

Eric Holder’s “involvement” in arranging payoffs with FARC (a terrorist organization of the same wretched sort as Al Queda) and Chiquita Company in Colombia is more than enough — or should be — for conscientious Americans to denounce Holder’s deplorably poor judgement.

As also Holder’s history arranging payoffs and other “deals” with the Puerto Rican terrorist group, FALN. Outrageous! The man could sit in an office in Cuba or Venezuela and still not be amidst those as service-ready to terrorist operations as Holder is.

Combine that with Holder’s “involvement” in negotiating a Presidential Pardon for Marc Rich as former President Bill Clinton cavalierly caved to the deal is an equally outrageous statement about the poor judgement of Eric Holder, despite his wan apologies and back-tracking about the Rich pardon that’s going on in the Senate today. About the Rich pardon and his work on that behalf, Holder has today become apologetic, conveniently, after being nominated by Obama to the A.G. position while he’s had eight years to do so and hasn’t gotten around to feeling poorly about that, so assuming is regrets are sincere on this date is desperately naive.

But returning to the FARC association by Holder, I am horrified — horrified — that our U.S. Senate would or could even begin to consider Eric Holder as Attorney General. Not to mention any President-Elect who’d nominate this person for the A.G. position, given Holder’s trail of dubious deal-makings calling into very real question what his professional awareness of his own actions is.

I’m listening to media wherein Holder is being described as “a nice guy” who people “like” but so is satan. Not that Holder is satan but the office he’s being considered for is to head our Justice Department and look at his “justice” history! Outrageous! And when did the Office of the Attorney General require the position be held by “Most Popular”? Are our law enforcement standards really this low today, such that ethics and professional behavior (or lack thereof) are subservient to one being “liked”?

If he’s confirmed, this’ll cinch the fearful slide of the U.S.A. into a Banana Republic. We’ll be on par with every kickin’ Third Worlder on the planet, dealin’ with the terrorists and bein’ “nice guys” who everyone “likes” while we have a Justice Department that is the ridicule of every terrorist — er, “mover and shaker” — the world over: need a deal? Ask for Holder.

But it’s our Senate that wretches me more, that they’d entertain and now consider affirming this nominee for this particular office (Holder for the A.G. Office). Horrible statement about the worst-cast-Senate of absent ethics and dreadful amorality as ever could be imagined. Are we to now see FARC at State Dinners? Perhaps the Senate will give them an office for convenience sake, if not Holder welcoming them to the Department of Justice for lunch or tea.

I telephoned my two (very Liberal, Democrat) Senators (Boxer and Feinstein) with my objections and just as terribly as the situation itself of Holder’s nomination, the two Senators’ offices were non-plussed as to my concerns, particularly the D.C. office of Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee — whoever took my call there appeared utterly uninterested in what I had to communicate. What HAS this nation descended into?