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275wde_obama-a-new-dope The “big picture” theory that Barack Obama is now hustling is illogical — it’s illogical to the point of reflecting the point of view of a mad man or a hustler or both.

“Yes we can” — Obama’s chief sales motto in the previous two years — has become “only government can and you can’t,” after his latest speech in his string of ongoing delay-speeches that seem to be popping up more frequently of late than red spots for the measles’ infected.

So, today’s Obama speech contained these absurd but ever-so-crafty self-protective statements:

Sen. Barack Obama said “only government” can provide the solution to the country’s economic ills.

Doing too little or nothing will lead to worse trouble, he warned. Government is the answer:

“It is true that we cannot depend on government alone to create jobs or long-term growth, but at this particular moment, only government can provide the short-term boost necessary to lift us from a recession this deep and severe,” Obama said. “Only government can break the vicious cycles that are crippling our economy — where a lack of spending leads to lost jobs which leads to even less spending; where an inability to lend and borrow stops growth and leads to even less credit.”

Let’s pay very close attention to those statements, as also the conniving motive revealed in them:

(1.) “Only government” can provide the solution to the country’s economic ills

When you have no confidence (or experience) in the ability of the individual to create, solve and produce, then, of course, “only government” (or grandparents or a spouse, or parents or your employer if you have one, or society) can “solve…ills;” and to Marxists/Communists (of whatever gradation of Socialism), “only government” exists to provide to or dole out to all individuals just what “government” determines any individual “ought to” receive or be able to use, without regard for individuals owning and operating their “own” property; Marxism/Communism allows individuals to avoid responsibility as it also provides them with an entity (government, the collective) to blame while never being able to affect, UNLESS they lay claim to being the kingpin or panel of that entity (which Obama has been noticably eager to do, as we’ve all noticed) — which leads to Marxist/Communist dictators (always has, probably always will because this is the inherent failing of this philosophy, that individuals are reduced to powerlessness and a central, lone government is elevated to totality, so enter Obama and the DNC at this point as to the U.S.A.).

This statement above all others from Obama proves that he’s lied to voters inorder to gain power. He’s lied. As in, which oppositional perspective he’s declared is the truth? You can or you can’t, you decide but Obama today has declared he’s decided for you and that is that you can’t and only government can.

(2.) “…the vicious cycles that are crippling our economy — where a lack of spending leads to lost jobs which leads to even less spending; where an inability to lend and borrow stops growth and leads to even less credit.”

He’s correct from the Economics 101 perspective and that is that when people spend less, the economy produces less (and there’s less employment, compounding less spending), but, he’s wrong in his conclusions (whether he believes them or not, the point being here that he’s expecting support for this ruse, if it is a ruse and I suspect that it is) that what’s needed is an ever larger government-as-only-savior that will increase overall indebtedness for all.

The one point in Economics 101 is that when credit is increased, persons in greater financial trouble will engage in increased credit; or, when an economy begins to slow down (production begins to lag, job growth goes negative), then the thing to do is increase credit access to those with lower resources because, so the reasoning goes and it’s usually correct here, people with less will inevitably use more if not all of what they have — you encourage increased indebtedness inorder to “improve the economy” and in doing so, those with less become those with more that is less (increase credit, people with more need borrow more, can’t then repay the debt, then continue to increase debt, which produces more heat in the economy).

So the target, then, of both these statements by Obama, when combined, equal an ongoing urge to reduce individual options and to increase servitude or even enslavement, if taken to more extremes (if not already) by individuals to a bigger, growing, more centralized “savior” government.

The result is exactly what our nation was founded to overthrow: government rule of otherwise free individuals.

His statements today are monstrous and should outrage and demonstratively concern every voting American. Obama gets mileage out of these ongoing preposterous speeches because he has a delivery developed that misleads and distracts listeners from analysing his specific intents and statements. People get wrapped up in the production, the event of his “appearance” and are satiated (some people, anyway) when he drops these one-note buzz-phrases: “yes, we can” and weeks later, it’s “no, you can’t.”

I found it particularly pathetic that Obama today brayed that “working families will receive a thousand dollars…” from his monstrous plans, which I suppose is Obama offering his tiny bag of silver for the heart and soul of the free man. What he’s not saying to the public is just who will get “a thousand dollars” but instead declares that misleading statement to create THE ILLUSION that if one is working, one will “get a thousand dollars.”

Gain a thousand (for those couples with dependents who are earning above about $200,000. a year) but lose one’s soul. This man’s a monster.

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My last note about today’s Obama speech was his hideous, profane closing statement, “God Bless the United States of America.” Barack Obama has devoted what appears to be most of his life condemning the United States of America, as he has also devoted most of the last five or more years to speaking nationally as to how little regard he has for the United States of America. Combine that with his refusal to publicly salute the U.S. flag or join in on reciting the U.S. National Anthem and the whole picture of his despicable disrespect for this nation comes into view. His declaration earlier today of and about “God Bless the (U.S.A.)” was that of a ghoul at a grave sneering a sarcastic, unfaithful salutation for the newly-absent.

The man’s a monster.

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