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Here ya’ go, the slobbering wells up:

The White House is going to be a very exciting place,” said Macon Phillips, director of New Media for Obama’s transition team. “We’re pushing the envelope here.”

So the White House “official” website is now admitted to be something like, if not the same as, an Obama campaign website (“change – gov”). Note that the O-Media didn’t declare the White House an exciting place, they declare that it will be one, as in, after their reworking.

And then there is this rotten lie:

The goal is to “continue the same spirit, participation and energy that was so essential to us during the campaign,” Phillips said. “But more than that, to continue to expand it.”

Everyone who was not captured by the O’Cult in the last year and more is aware of the dreadful nastyness and maligning that befell everyone not among the captured. If internet terrorism exists, it’s saturated among the “spirit, participation and energy” that “was essential” to the Obama campaign, complete with cryptic messages about personal details of others who weren’t submitting, a wretched and horrid onslaught of hate upon the U.S.A. and the ongoing, predictable banality of the Obama-worship.

And I think the “transition team” is alluding to other plans that the average American citizen (as also people elsewhere) may not be aware of: their ongoing plans to redo the U.S.A. into the O-Land, their Marxist utopian model.

I have my ideas for what will follow after this Obama mess. Interestingly related to this, I note Obama just proclaimed on television that “public service is a privilege.”

So there they go: “the privileged.” Doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the source.

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