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Barack Obama has nominated Leon Panetta to head the CIA, Panetta deemed correctly to be “short on experience” — about which I say, isn’t that the point? Obama/the Leftwing wants the CIA to be headed by someone “short on intel experience” who is eager to service Obama/the Leftwing; thus, enter the Leftwing Butler, Leon Panetta, former Chief of Staff to Bill and Hill, if not continuing so.

Which is not the point of the CIA but when has that important point mattered to the mind of Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama? I think the whole point of Obama (dreadfully) in the U.S. Presidency is to undermine and literally undo as much as possible. Whoops, now I’m going to be banned by NBC.

And if Senator Dianne Feinstein, of all people (new Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, also a Democrat) has not by this point raised an objection to just who, specifically, “Barry Soetoro” or Barack Obama is and what the nature of his citizenship is, she’s hardly a barricade in the Senate to Panetta’s confirmation to head the CIA. I expect the Senate to fold for Panetta (and Obama) with the Senate Democrats making a show of false outrage along the way, and the CIA to flounder. Which I assume is Obama’s objective.

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