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I turned the set off when more “celebrities” took the podium and Dianne Feinstein surged forth about newness-this-and-that after not so much as investigating where this impending new President was born or who he actually is.

I thought Rick Warren’s prayer was interesting, and I did participate prayerfully in the Lord’s Prayer. Before that portion of Warren’s statements, I had a difficult time with reverence due to the occasion itself — not due to Warren — and snuck a peak at the monitor: just when Warren prayed that “the new President” would serve “with humility”, the camera panned to Barack Obama, who, at that statement, raised his chin and entire head way up. Either a rebellious or offending response to the idea of him “serving” “humbly” or, more likely, that and also the fact that Obama is not feeling particularly prayerful, not as Warren prayed, certainly not in humility from what I just saw.

So I’ve turned the whole thing off. I saw Biden’s bombast, I turned the set off.

My respect for President and Mrs. Bush has grown immensely with their exceptional kindness and conscientiousness in doing all that they could to ensure a new Presidency as they both retire from the White House. Laura Bush, wearing her demure monotone ensemble in today’s ceremony, continues to illustrate poise and kindness and good taste beyond what I see following afterward.

I read a moment ago that the pilot of Air Force One is also retiring, but first he’s going to fly President and Mrs. Bush home to Texas.

220wde_ichbineinkultfuhrer The Democrats, meanwhile, continue on their hate-escapades in seeking blood-vengeance upon President Bush, for what appears to be mostly their hatefulness of all things Republican, including Bush and Cheney, the former who has been the most Liberal Republican ever in the Presidency. Democrats, it continues to be shown, can always be relied upon to exist in a destructive, subterranean lack of humanity, cloaked in “hope” and “change”. In other words, they lie well. I’m no longer watching, the proof’s been established, there’s no point in trying to find any saving moments from what has already been established: a dark house.

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