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MY CONTINUED ADMIRATION FOR SEN. JEFF SESSIONS — And his continued observations about Holder, Geithner and the “Stimulus” Plan

160wde_jeffsessions Here’s wishing that more Republicans were of the same moral and intellectual stuff as is Senator Jeff Sessions, R/Alabama.

He’s on FOX at present saying he does “not take lightly” what Obama nominee for Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, has done as to his history (saying earlier that what Geithner did, had he been “an IRS agent, would have been fired, no question about it”). Sessions, then, as he’s just stated, is not going to vote for confirmation of Geithner, which I commend him for.

Sessions also said that he finds it “unbelievable” that Geithner is “the only one” who is qualifed for the Treasury Secretary post.

Both of which have been my thoughts, similarly. I project that there’ll be little credibility in the Treasury should Geithner be confirmed as to individual taxpayer confidence. Geithner’s wan, implausible excuses as to his past (and probable, ongoing) financial mismanagement indicate unreliability that is abysmal in relationship with a possible appointment to head the Department of Treasury. As Senator Sessions just said, Geithner would be fired from any JOB with the Treasury, for starters, given his same mismanagements revealed during his review for to head the Treasury Department.

Senator Sessions has also been as outspoken about nominee Eric Holder — and once again, my views were well represented in what Sessions had to say about that problematic, exceptionally Leftwing nominee, Eric Holder — the office in question is Attorney General, Chief Law Enforcement Agent of the land, and Obama nominates Holder, who has comingled with and negotiated on behalf of terrorists groups, for starters. And then there are Holder’s Leftwing demands as to media in which he suggests that Conservative media need be driven from our midst (which is an outrageous view to hold for an Attorney General, just outrageous):

SESSIONS: In an April 2004 speech at American Constitution Society, a liberal group, you asked the audience what it could do to bring about a liberal renaissance, which is a legitimate political effort to promote your beliefs, and you single out the media and criticize them for impeding liberal views and said,

“In the short term this will not be an easy task. With the mainstream media somewhat cowered by conservative critics, and the conservative media disseminating the news in anything but a fair and balanced manner, and you know what I mean there, the means to reach the greatest number of people is not easily accessible.”

So we do have this discussion of the fairness doctrine. Do you think the government has the ability to interject itself in the free market of ideas and direct somehow that there be a balance between one view and another view on the airwaves?

HOLDER: Well the views I was expressing there were views that I had, as a private citizen would not reflect what I would do, if I were confirmed as attorney general. What I said …in response to the question that had been raised earlier about the fairness doctrine was that I just needed to know more about it before I could intelligently respond to the question, but I did not mean to implicate the fairness doctrine in that speech.

If he wasn’t “implicat(ing) the fairness doctrine in that speech,” just what was he implicating? He was expressing his views “as a private citizen” but his views as a citizen are what will be available to him in whatever “office” or job he holds. To state the obvious.

The GOP needs more Senators such as Jeff Sessions. The man’s a mountain of sound reasoning.

Sen. Jeff Sessions Reveals Eric Holder’s Views on ‘Media’ and ‘Balance’ at Confirmation Hearings

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R/AL) serves on four committees: Armed Services, Judiciary, Energy and Natural Resources, and Budget. Visit his website at


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