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250wde_georgesoros-how-he-gets-money This list is why it’s more difficult than ever to even purchase DVDs today — not because of improving technology but because of the politics advocated and funded by many who create a lot of the media that’s for sale:

## High Profile Al Franken Donors ##

J J Abrams filmmaker, TV producer
Chris Albrecht HBO chairman and chief executive 2002-07
Jason Alexander actor
Herb Alpert musician, producer
Phil Angelides Calif. State Treasurer; 2006 candidate for governor
Clarence Avant record producer
Dan Aykroyd actor, comedian
Burt Bacharach composer, entertainer
Kevin Bacon actor
Bob Balaban actor, director
Andre Balazs hotelier
Alec Baldwin actor, activist
Paul Begala political consultant, commentator
Ed Begley, Jr actor
Jim Belushi actor
Candice Bergen actress
Steve Bing producer
Ross Bleckner artist
Jon Bon Jovi rock star
David Brock author, media watchdog
James L Brooks producer, director
Jackson Browne musician
Jimmy Buffett musician
Les Charles TV producer, writer
Peter Chernin News Corporation president and COO
George Clooney actor
Ben Cohen Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream co-founder
Jane Curtin actress
Ted Danson actor
Larry David comedian, writer
Laurie David writer, activist
Jonathan Demme filmmaker
Alan Dershowitz attorney
Phil Donahue talk show host
Paul Dooley actor
Michael Douglas actor, director
Michael Dukakis 1988 presidential candidate
Dick Ebersol NBC sports executive
Nora Ephron filmmaker
Peter Farrelly screenwriter, producer, director
Geraldine Ferraro Congresswoman 1978-84; 1984 VP candidate
Sally Field actress
Milos Forman director, actor, writer
Michael J Fox actor, activist
Al Franken satirist
Tom Freston Viacom president 2005-06; MTV co-founder
David Geffen Dreamworks co-founder, record producer
Danny Goldberg Air America ceo 2005-06; record producer
Al Gore Vice President 1993-2001
Jamie Gorelick 9/11 Commissioner; fmr US Deputy Atty General
Brian Grazer producer
Robert Greenwald filmmaker
Brad Grey Paramount Pictures chairman, CEO
Taylor Hackford director
Larry Hagman actor
Tom Hanks actor
Christie Hefner Playboy Enterprises chairman, ceo
Marg Helgenberger actress
Buck Henry writer
Philip Seymour Hoffman actor
Alan Horn movie executive
Norman Hsu fashion industry executive; political fundraiser
Norman Jewison director
Jane Kaczmarek actress
Donna Karan fasion designer; Donna Karan Inc founder
Lawrence Kasdan filmmaker
Garrison Keillor author, performer
Joanna Kerns actress
Kevin Kline actor
Christine Lahti actress
Sherry Lansing Paramount Studios chairman, ceo (1992-2004)
Lucy Lawless actress
Norman Lear television producer
David Letterman talk show host, comedian
Barry Levinson filmmaker
Amy Madigan actress
Bill Maher comedian, political satirist
Steve Martin actor, comedian, writer
John McEnroe tennis champion; sports commentator
Lorne Michaels producer
Nicole Miller fashion designer
Mike Mills musician
Walter Mondale Vice President 1977-80
Mike Myers actor, comedian
Kevin Nealon comedian, actor
Paul Newman actor, philanthropist
Randy Newman songwriter
Craig Newmark founder
Leonard Nimoy actor
Cynthia Nixon actress
Edward Norton actor
Conan O’Brien late-night tv host
Rosie O’Donnell actress, comedian
Bob Odenkirk actor, writer, producer
Jane Pauley journalist; talk show host
Mark Peel chef, restauranteur
Bonnie Raitt recording artist
Harold Ramis director, writer, actor
Sumner Redstone Viacom chairman
Carl Reiner actor, comedy writer, producer
Rob Reiner director, producer, actor
Paul Reiser comedian, actor
Gloria Reuben actress
Jay Roach director
Linda Ronstadt singer
Gary Ross filmmaker, actor
Meg Ryan actress
Susan Saint James actress
Thomas Schlamme producer, director
Tony Shalhoub actor
Garry Shandling comedian, actor
Elisabeth Shue actress
Ben Silverman NBC Universal chairman
Paul Simon singer/songwriter
James Sinegal Costco ceo
Robert Smigel comedian, writer
George Soros financier
Darren Star producer, screenwriter
Mary Steenburgen actress
Ben Stein writer, actor
Meryl Streep actress
Barbra Streisand singer, actor, producer
Heather Thomas actress, producer
Marlo Thomas actress, philanthropist
Garry Trudeau cartoonist
Eli Wallach actor
Sam Waterston actor
Bob Weinstein Miramax co-founder
Harvey Weinstein Miramax co-founder
John Wells television producer
Jann Wenner Rolling Stone
Tom Werner Boston Red Sox co-owner 2002-present; TV producer
Bradley Whitford actor
Robin Williams actor, comedian
Joanne Woodward actress
Robert Wright NBC Universal – Chairman, CEO 1986-2007
George Zimmer Men’s Wearhouse founder, CEO
Jerry Zucker producer, screenwriter

This list is from comments associated with an article by AMERICAN THINKER that is more than eye-opener in and of itself. The donor list serves to reinforce those associating with the wayward intentions that landed Al Franken feebly, pitifully and possibly dishonestly in our U.S. Senate.

American Thinker: “Why Soros Wants Norm Coleman Out of the Senate

It seems that once again, George Soros has reached out with his ill-gotten wealth and retaliated against individuals who exposed his blending with the U.N. “oil for food” scandal. That’d be Coleman who Soros targeted for destruction, and Franken was the willing fool that Soros needed inorder to wrangle an election away from Coleman, from what appears to have been by any means possible, even the ill-gotten kind.

And, as to that list of donors to this latest dubious disturbance by George Soros via Al Franken, there’s the CEO of COSTCO: just when I was able to put aside the leftwing politics of that warehouse chain and continue to shop there, I go and read that the CEO of COSTCO’s among Franken’s donors. I must now more closely consider, next year, joining Sam’s Club.

There are a myriad of causes and reasons why our economy is experiencing harsh times but chiefly among them is that the Left is saturated in — or it is peppered throughout — media and politics in this nation, radically influencing information in substantially untoward terms, and many of us consumers are weary of patronizing wares associated. Me, I’m also quite weary of reading their snarky, nasty comments here, there, everywhere. Insulting customers is a sure-fire method to losing customers; donating to Al Franken for the Senate (or any other elected office) is insulting to my sensibilities, intelligence and definition of reason and I can’t imagine easily perceiving well the work of these listed donors ever again.

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  1. John Emerson says:

    Soros and ACORN played a very small role in the Minnesota election, and no role in the recount.

    Republicans have no problem with billionaires if they’re Republicans. How surprising.

    Minnesota elects a liberal now and then. No big deal. Chill.

    1. -S- says:

      Funny, why was George Soros involved (‘played a part’) in the Minnesota election AT ALL? Soros isn’t a resident of Minnesota. And ACORN’s voter-fraud behaviors are identifiable, whether “small role(s)” or large ones — election fraud is election fraud, large or small, still fraud. Why so many Leftwing individuals from other states involved in Minnesota’s election at all? Other people understand why they are while the Leftwing continues to write rationalizing remarks on blogs as you’ve just done (“nothing to see here, move along”).

      As I wrote on the post, there’s no mention of ACORN there at all. And yet you try to diminish ACORN’s “role” in the Minnesota election anyway. Revealing.

  2. -S- says:

    You’re not in touch with reality.

    Soros not only donated to Franken, but he’s arranged by funding a nationwide, Democrat-party associated Secretary of State organization to which the Minnesota Secretary of State (a Democrats) is associated, also.

    So perhaps you should warm yourself up and get your head in gear and broaden your informational horizons.

    And, what’s revealing here is, you wrote in attempting to minimize ACORN’s “involvement” — while my post made no mention of ACORN.

  3. -S- says:

    And to Republicans, it’s not about the billionaires or millionaires but the issues and the ethics. I’m happy for Conservatives with wealth, and have no issues about them as wealthy persons donating to political campaigns. But in the case of this Liberal List here associating with Franken, they have “associated with” a corrupt method to gain yet more Democrat-defining corruption via probable election fraud.

    Have you even read the information about the voting count and ballot handling?

  4. -S- says:

    And, I quote:

    “Last week we witnessed the swearing-in of the 111th Congress. As newly elected and recently re-elected members took their oaths of office, they put aside the partisanship of the fall campaign season and turned their attention to working together on behalf of their constituents.

    “Unfortunately, not everyone demonstrated a willingness to rise above the bitter partisan rancor. Despite telling Politico that he was ‘planning to trade in the fiercely partisan tirades against Senate Republicans‘ and would be ‘rolling out the new feel-good Reid model,‘ Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid continues to rule the Senate with an iron-clad, ultra-partisan fist.

    “For the past few weeks, Senator Norm Coleman’s office has remained open for constituent work under a good-faith agreement between Senators Reid and Mitch McConnell, as the unprecedented and still-unresolved Minnesota Senate election has wound its way through the lengthy legal process.

    “Allowing the office to remain open for a short period of time to conclude outstanding constituent cases ensures that the people of Minnesota do not suffer as a result of the ongoing election dispute. One of the most important responsibilities of Senate offices is to help citizens navigate the maze of the federal bureaucracy.

    “Regrettably, on Tuesday, in a blatant act of partisanship, Harry Reid broke his word.

    “He locked Senator Coleman’s office and denied his staff access to urgent and ongoing casework. Notably, this came just hours after Senator Coleman’s campaign requested a fair and nonpartisan legal review of the counted ballots as is their right under Minnesota law.

    “It’s hard to believe those two actions are not connected.

    “By going back on his word and locking Senator Coleman’s office, Harry Reid is advancing his partisan agenda at the cost of the people of Minnesota. He’s putting politics above principle and punishing Minnesotans for partisan gain.

    “The American people deserve better treatment from their elected representatives. We need your help now to send a message that this type of arrogant partisanship no longer has a place in Washington.”

    All the best,

    Rob Jesmer
    Executive Director,
    National Republican Senatorial Committee

  5. Jay Matthews says:

    I’ll match Hollywood ethics, especially the ethics of the vast majority of the listed people who make films with humanitarian themes (not all, but many, many), against the ethics of greedy, profit-driven, corrupt corporations, bankers, traders, any day of the week. Except Sunday. When the money guys put on the ethics robes and try to get associated with the evangelical right.

    1. -S- says:

      Do you KNOW how, say, George Soros accumulates his wealth? Where he gets all those billions and how? He profits by arranging the ruin of markets, peoples and organizations, including nations entirely. Soros is deemed largely if not expressly responsible for bankrupting the Bank of England. For starters. He has managed to accumulate great wealth by impoverishing others, including entire economies. Not an admirable legacy for any ethical person to have.

  6. -S- says:

    Your extent of ethical awareness, then, must begin and end at the tip of your own nose.

    Because, those “greedy, profit-driven, corrupt” whosits exist mightily and in proliferation among the Left. However, what and only what I read from you are platitudes that are, when closely examined, meaningless: you rely on pejoratives of such sweeping generalitions (“greedy corporations,” and “the evangelical right” for starters) that indicates you really have no point to make except to exercise prejudice (negative stereotyping).

    It’s just sad speech from you among the Left, as one among many: you can’t make a complaint with any specificity yet you leap to denigrate vast ranges of humanity that you, almost certainly, personally resent for also quite personal reasons (so you loathe “religious” people, so you loathe organizations who work for profit, etc.). Because what’s almost certainly driving your negativity in these regards about the negative stereotyping you’re involved in originates in your, quite personal, unhappiness (and so you devise targets that you then heap your loathing upon without regard for what you’re actually writing or stating in those negative stereotypifying statements).

    Ask any one of those “Hollywood…listed people” to operate on a “non-profit-driven” methodology and they’ll quickly block your number and email. The entertainment industry can offer up some range of supposed “generosity” but it’s not charity, it’s self-serving offering use of resources.

    There is nothing INHERENTLY wrong with profit or wealth and it’s certainly not my position here nor anywhere that there is anything INHERENTLY wrong with wealth and profit. You are typing your comments on technology that someone paid for and spent a lot of (financial, labor and intellectual) resources making available to the public. You are using connectivity that was created and is maintained by similar resources: someone paid for it, someone keeps it up and running, resources are required and a business not “for-profit” doesn’t remain competitive for long (and thus, you won’t have the products available for your use).

    Films and entertainment are for-profit industries. So you’re defying your own terms in your wayward despisement of “money guys.” Do yourself a favor, stop watching t.v., films, playing video games, listening to music and using the internet because, hey, that’s only serving those “profit-driven…guys”.

    MY point of this thread is that as a Conservative who disagrees entirely with the Left’s politics is that I don’t chose to support any of these who continue to fund the Left. They’re wealthy by consumer participation. I don’t care to lend my box office support when the money is later directed to support products and politics I find unethical, degraded, contrary, offensive or anything else objectionable to my sense of what’s right and wrong. This is a consumer’s choice.

    Funding only seems to be acceptable to the Left, then, from those “profit-driven” (so you deride them) profiles WHEN they’re funneling money and publicity and other hype to Leftwing political methods and individuals. A wealthy individual who is Conservative or even Moderate, then, is denigrated and demeaned under your negative stereotyping, those you despise on hugely, general if not also irrational terms (can you ever specifically explain just who it is you refer to with the stereotyping you use in your comments here).

    So your labels, your negative stereotyping, are shaky, ethically. It’s not the wealth that’s the issue, it’s how the wealth is made, how or if it’s being used for objectionable reasons as viewed by all consumers subjectively for the most part, in keeping with their respective values.

    Money is necessary to pay the utility bills and keep food on the table of “evangelicals” just as it is for Hollywood producers, just as it is for every individual who takes home a paycheck after working for those “Hollywood” producers and otherwise. So you are using generalized epithets there as to be meaningless. The only thing I get from your remarks is that you’re lost in anti-social generalizations.

    I’ve yet to see Obama/Democrats identify where all their largesse actually came from. You might want to start applying your criticism to the Left’s affiliation with financial wealth, just to be reasonable and reasonably informed. If wealth is only O.K. for a Leftist to possess, if that’s your overall perspective, then you’re pining for National Socialism. In other words, “liberal fascism”: it’s there for the Left and the rest are ‘damned and condemned’.

    And as to the “evangelical right” you also attempt to defame, then, you’re just damning the Constitution because one of our nation’s founding principles in that Constitution of ours is the Freedom of Religion. In a Leftwing (“liberal fascist”) land, religious exercises as also at it’s most extreme, beliefs, are forbidden. Once again, that’s an entirely Leftwing, Liberal, Socialist construct as it is also, unfortunately for the rest of us, a Leftwing, Liberal goal. If you don’t like “evangelical right” PEOPLE or BELIEFS, don’t associate with them, but there’s no “right” in our Constitution that enables you, legitimately, nor any group, legitimately, to go out and about forbidding others to live freely by their values and beliefs, and to live without fear for believing in what it is they do.

  7. Please make sure that Al Gore is held accountable for his most recent misleading statement about climate change:

    Click on the picture of Al Gore holding up five fingers to see the video of his outrageous prediction.