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Here comes HR45.

Americans do have to be concerned about our guns but also about our Constitution — among other aspects of that Constitution, the Second Amendment that the Left works so persistently in “rewriting” to mean anything but what it is written to state.

So, here comes HR45:

You can read the details of the resolution here but a few of the highlights are:

* It will be “unlawful” to own a firearm without a license.
* (Citizens will) (be) required to submit a picture and thumbprint.
* (Citizens must) provide certification that the firearms are properly stored.
* (Citizens must) pass a written firearms exam which tests a persons knowledge of the safe storage of firearms in the presence of children, safe handling of firearms, risks associated with firearms, legal responsibilities of a firearm owner, and anything else the Attorney General deems fit.
* A release of any mental health records.
* Makes private sales illegal.
* Establishes a Federal Record of Sale system which records make, model, serial number, license of the transferee and name and address of (who transfers the firearm to another owner).
* Provides for inspection of your home (fourth amendment violation)
* Reporting of lost or stolen firearms
* Notice of change of address
* Numerous other fun nuggets.

(Emphasis added — all of that should be emboldened, however.)

Read the whole article, posted on The Mind of Tefft:

HR45 – More feel good gun control legislation sponsored by the Democrats

The Democrats are afraid of an armed American population. And Obama has been identified once again as lying.

Overtly restricting the “‘common'” American citizen (to the Left, Americans not among the Left are the ‘lesser-than’ people) as to gun ownership assists the Obama (and Democrats’) plans for a “civilian national security force” — a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, among other offenses to democracy — (which Castro and Hugo Chavez also have created, to everyone’s notice at this date) (and why is it that Obama wants a “security force” in relationship with himself and not American citizens, and on native soil at that; read up on Michelle Obama’s philosophical, political associations and background, in addition to Barack Obama’s, for the reasons why).

CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES and object to HR45, at least those who are still responding to their constituents.


America needs to look beneath the covers (no pun intended) and get to the essence of the radical bitterness that appears to motive the minds and souls of both Barack Obama and wife.

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2 C O M M E N T S

  1. James Weigand says:

    I pray for all of us law abiding American conservatives that GOD will forgive these liberal Demacrats that try to take our God given right to bear arms. I work in a sporting good store in a rural area in Washington State and listen to patrons everyday talking about HR45 and the impact that it will have on our community. Most of these people have hobbies such as loading their own ammo and shooting in cowboy matches once or twice a month. The other group of people that come to our store are avid hunters as am I. I started loading my own ammo and have found that my gun can perform a lot better by finding that certain load that fires through that gun just right. These are all very safe and law abiding hobbies that these people and I have been doing and will fight as long as we have to keep our rights.

    I have signed my wife up to take the firearm safety course so she can hunt with me and harvest food for our home. We are Foster parents that try to help kids and teach them the God given rights that we all should and will enjoy forever.

    I am going to ask all of the patrons that come into the store to write Cathy McMorris and to fight for the right to bear Arms and to have a free nation, not }}Communist{{.

    I hope that we can be heard and I also hope that each and every one of us find someone near to us to join the NRA and build our forces to enjoy our God given right to hunt and protect our families. What they do not understand is that the bad guys will steal our guns and ammo and those coded bullets will put innocent gun owners in jail. Bad guys such as thieves and rapists and murderers all find guns in the black market and kill with them, and we get to code all of our ammo and take classes to protect our familes — what a bunch of crap.

    If this Hr45 goes through it will start a revolution in our country that will be unbelievable. God help us and bless our law abiding Christian people who just want to protect and hunt for our families. Thank You for listing James Weigand.