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The internet is busy being scoured of information as quickly as the same information is being read:  Obama said, Obama met, wait, he didn’t say, he didn’t meet, that’s a distraction, meaning was wrong, oops, page not found, retracted, we/he/they/she got it wrong, we never wrote it, here’s what really happened…then it’s gone in the next hour, replaced or not with markers or not, absent space I assume in expectation that this will just blow over.

“This” being the taped discovery of Illinois Governor, Democrat Rod Blagojevich, engaged in the selling of the Senatorial seat vacated by Barack Obama.  My wonders are, however, is this how Obama got that Senate seat in the first place?  Was it moreorless purchased for him?  I can think of several handlers of Obama’s without any hesitation who could reasonably purchase such a seat, whatever the price (all of them, other Democrats).

Be that as it may — yet to be revealed if ever it will be revealed — the facts already exposed are that the wife of Governor Blagojevich “arranged” the Barack and Michelle Obama home purchase in Chicago.  With Rezko involved, yes, but the facts are that there’s a group, a pool, so to speak, a swirling soup of influence, in Illinois, Democrat politics who can’t be easily distinguished or separated one from another.  So with Rezko having been put under closer examination, perhaps more is being spilled than can even be imagined to the average citizen.

From unnamed comments, elsewhere:

Blagojevich’s wife, Patricia Blagojevich, is the Realtor who got the Obama’s their house in which Rezco did the land deal.

The complaint said the Rezko loan was approved by Mutual Bank President and CEO Amrish Mahajan and others so that Mrs. Rezko could buy a 9,090-square-foot vacant parcel of real estate.  It said that in January 2006, Mrs. Rezko and Mr. Obama, along with his wife Michelle, signed an agreement to sell a 10-foot strip of the property to the Obamas.  At that point, according to the complaint, Mr. Connor’s firm asked him to conduct the reappraisal.

As I wrote, I can think of many Democrats who could easily have arranged the Senate seat for Barack Obama a few years ago:  Barack Obama, a man from nowhere with no legislative talent or experience, “suddenly” becoming Senator from Illinois.  It’s not too difficult to imagine hundreds of conversations similar to that recorded by Blagojevich, arranging and exchanging goods and services, elevating a lone community organizer from the Rev. Wright “church” to a guy in Congress.

And then “they” got busy rearranging the lone organizer’s past, present and identity, is what I think.

Yesterday and today, pages on the internet exposing the Blagojevich and Obama conversations on what dates about what began disappearing and being replaced faster than a storm.  A few people saved screen-caps of a few of those before they were swepped into the informational vortex surrounding Obama and some of them really do prove, without a doubt, that Obama lied.


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    1. Todd says:

      His name is ROD Blagojevich.

      1. -S- says:

        It’s a typo, Todd. And I’ve corrected the typo (changed the typo, “Mike” to “Rod”), so, thanks for pointing it out. I had Mike Bloomberg in mind while I was writing this entry earlier, what with Bloomberg’s “monarchistic” declarations of late as to political offices (Caroline Kennedy, to be exact), which appears to be too closely resembled to many other Liberals’ use of public office: commodities they control (thus, also Blagojevich and Emanuel, et al.).

        If you’ll read the site overall, you’ll find that I have referred to Blagojevich as “Rod” and the one instance of me referring to him as “Mike” was just bad typing while my thoughts were not entirely focused on editing what I’d written (including correcting typos).

        Thus, as a writer o’ my own blog, I depend on you who scour the internet for copy errors to point out where any impromptu wanderings of content might occur. Perhaps you also happened to READ what I wrote otherwise.