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Times are difficult all over, so I and everyone else continue to hear, daily.

So what does this “President-Elect, Barack Obama” do?

The bad-taster does this:

Barack Obama to buy rare £20,000 gold ring for his wife

Encrusted in diamonds, made of the world’s rarest of metals, worn by Monarchs and now, apparently, ostenatious commoners pretending to be “rulers.”

And don’t get me started on the “stars” he’s paraded today before the world, as Cabinet members.  I write “stars” in quotes because that’s what some other Liberal dubloon on television just called them, “stars.”

More like “pirates.”

28 Hours Later:

Denied as “not true.”  I guess the word, “denied,” is not sufficient where propoganda is concerned; therefore, “not true” says Obama spokesperson, Dan Pflieffer, “transitions” denier to a non-President.

“Transitions” are those glass lenses worn when you aren’t dedicated to one environment or another but want to blend reality as conveniently as possible.  I think that well describes this Obama Transitions Experience, wherein he’s not President but is advising our nation and the world at large as if he was, while issuing statements declaring that “there is only one President at a time.”  Interestingly,  based upon his behavior to the contrary of that, Obama appears to assume that’s him, Oath of Office be damned, as do the hapless, willing fools in the media servicing Obama’s pretensive deniability by affirmation of the unreal, unjust and likely-as-not, the illigitimate.  Not to mention the issue of bad taste, which the media is avoiding altogether, which says more about the media than it does the bad-tasters.

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