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This is not the stuff of courage, bravery and truth as the American Way, it’s the stuff of self-indulgence and greed that is of the Obscene Kind: the media and the Obama’s luxuriating on a beach in Hawaii amidst their million dollar+ digs and the pitiful media fawning over Barack’s loopy chest.

People are suffering this Christmas Season all over the world and that includes right here in the U.S.A. So what does this fool and his wife (and their friends) do? They take a private jet to Hawaii and lay about like diamond dolls on the beach in a compound of homes that are costing ~someone else~ many millions of dollars overall. Obama’s big-bare-parade for the interestingly-ready photographers comes at the cost to every American taxpayer and a lot of gullible non-taxed donors to this user’s coffers. For sheer starters, that Secret Service detail assigned to Obama comes at quite a cost while he flirts with the embarrassing and foolish, and if this shows anything, it shows a man (and wife and friends) so insensitive to reality as to be both obscene and incompetent.

A man (and wife and friends) may need a vacation from time to time — few people deride anyone for taking a rest as needed and as practical — but Barack, et al., have taken “vacations in Hawaii on the beach amidst million-dollar circumstances at the expense of others twice now in the past two months — and since neither Barack nor wife “celebrate Christmas,” it’s interesting that they’d chose to not celebrate Christmas at this time by being quite so wasteful, gauche and out of touch (completely) with standards of decency, good taste and consideration for others.

Obama fails as to anything decent. As also the media continues to fail in their ongoing avoidance of reality while focused, instead, on a “man” that does not exist.

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