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Underestimating the functional intelligence of us ordinary American citizens is a mistake and it’s a lasting, measurable mistake because the underestimation is hurtful to a point of insulting us ordinary American citizens and we remember the feeling of the insult long past the conditions may dissipate.

Barack Hussein Obama, Ron Blagojevich and Rahm Emanuel  (“OBE” for short)

In this case, Obama-BlagojevichEmanuel have gravely underestimated the ordinary American citizens.  From appearances, what I see and hear in the last few days especially from all three, is that they’re courting a population that does not exist with a lot of tap-dancing comments.  People are not that dysfunctionally intelligent that they can’t tell they’re being lied to, even when nothing specific is said:  it’d be preposterous to conclude that someone in Obama’s situation has not been created by the same low-clinging yuck that has created Blogojevich and Emanuel, since they’re all from the same mudpit, of the same mudpit influences, and, promoted by the same yuck promoters, financiers and handlers.  It’s insulting to the average, functionally intelligent American citizen to presume that people can’t draw the obvious conclusions:  these are peers playing in the same pit, covered in the same mud from the same muddy container.

Blagojevich said, on a taped telephone conversation, that Obama would not give him (Blagojevich) what he wanted in regards Blagojevich’s offering up of Obama’s Senate Seat from Illinois — which means, he’d already had a conversation or conversations with someone (and herein lies the three-headed-machine) inorder to state what he’d been denied.  All the rest is fodder because that statement’s the money-line.

And Obama’s flubbering, stuttering, self-reveaing, self-concealing effort to deny, denounce, perhaps examine, know, not know — his whole range of potential discover-the-story trails (see quote above) — is also fodder because functionally intelligent people can draw an easy conclusion about what is what, what was what, where this three-headed-machine has already been by the mud on the tracks and tires.  Obama has not gotten where he is from the circumstances that have placed him there without a great deal of conniving with available players puffy enough to buoy him up.  He’s certainly not garnered the possible-Presidency by way of any immense, individual expertise and experience.

Except, of course, if by “expertise and experience” it can be said that conniving the Chicago, Illinois mudpit of politics renders one seasoned adequate enough and conscientious enough ethically to occupy the Presidency of the United States.

But I’d never draw that conclusion.


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