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360wde_princess-carolinekennedyleia When I began reading this article from, of all sources, READERS DIGEST, I thought the headline would take me through to parody and leave me there in some enjoyable escapade of the mind.


Alas, like the exploding hopes of countless fantasy characters amidst a failed sequel, after reading through so much as a few paragraphs of this article, I found myself contending with the hapless irrationality of a writer overwhelmed with such gusto of the ridiculous as to be floundering in his own written creepiness of the real knocking at his door — he seems to know he’s lapsed into some sort of reality coma as one reads farther through the article, but grows more misty because he just can’t bear to answer the knocking.

The reality is, the Left can’t help itself in determining a royal class — be it “celebrities,” fantasy figures, personnas with fancy last names (and sometimes first ones, too) — like the sticky sugar cube on the kitchen counter, the idea of being ruled over by flowing-whatnot continues to attract and capture the Left, and, suffer the “peon” on the Right or otherwise who may dare to lance forward and touch the hem of the sticky legs.

So no wonder the Left rents it’s hairless clothe and uses terms such as “redneck” and “cracker” and the ever-soup-empty-ladelled, “rightwing” snarls when one is perceived to have strayed outside the walls of Liberalism. All of those are stones thrown and many of us not inside the walls of Liberalism are familiar with the ongoing din of stones falling at our feet, those of us who have not fallen forward and begged at the hem of the sticky legs passing on amidst their flowing-whatnot ethera.

To be specific, allow me for a moment to return to the issue, personhood and example of Sarah Palin.

She was stoned to near personna-death (that was the goal and remains the goal by the serfs of Liberalism, to destroy her place as possible potentate among rulers, that is, to ruin any possibility that Palin might maintain any of “their” perceived territory of celebrity-rules) by the Leftwing and many Moderates among them. And the general outcry? “She has no experience” as to a government (or, “ruler” in the views of the Left) position.

On the Right, we aren’t following (nor bowing before) anyone as any ruler in these United States of America. But this is the Liberals’ faux-reality, that to “mount” or be carried upward to the glorious heights of D.C., one must thereby be elevated to ruler status, to that royalty-of-the-Hill.

The Right efforts to hire competent employees and criticizes failed job performances when failures occur among those they elect. To the contrary, the Left creates ruling classes who are ne’er to be touched by the smudgy palms of the lower classes, and the lower classes are always (from the Left’s point of view) the Right — such classes determined by popularity contests among the Left and Left only in mimicry of royal closed courts: you’re invited and a part of it if you’re invited and the only invited are the Left. Enthrallment of and about royalty characterises the entire escapade, and, when one is “of the court” one is adequate or of sufficient status to be in the presence of the flowing-whatnot ruler.

That is what government today means to the Left in the U.S. and apparently, from the Leftwing media in most of the rest of our world, also in other nations: “celebrity” or ruler-class, and, in support of that, then, there is growing “off with the heads” retort or punishment of those that are not “of the court.” Which is also the civilization model exhibited by Communist dictators (more of that “we rule, you don’t” politic), to make another, related point.

If one is born into or opts to go and join with a civilization governed by a monarchy, that’s another story. But, in democracies, a monarchy is anathema to foundational, governmental and civilizational tenets. Democracies exist by “self government”: the inherent right of the individual to self-regulate and self-govern to a great degree as defined by our United States’ Constitution. Elected “officials” exist to represent the individual in government, not to “rule over” them.

Today, instead, what’s grown increasingly vile in the U.S. (and other nations, I realize) is an abdication of self-rule, a surrender of self-governing options in lieu of “let the ruler decide” or, essentially, “give me my booth, my meals, my cot and I will bow before the flowing-whatnot who is far more poweful than I” mentality. Too many among the Leftwing actually enjoy being ruled over, assign to another or others of that “special class” certain “magical powers” characterised by the soothing one-word-drumbeaten-meaningless-terms (“hope and change” and “bread”, the latter of which was Hitler’s salve-for-to-encourage-peonic-surrender); it’s wonderful to see the glowing faces of the upper class as they flow by, to admire them who you have surrendered reason to if only for a moment in their presence…this is the Leftwing’s concept of what it is to be civilized today, to surrender to the flowing-whatnot as it wafts by or appears in perfectly lit scenes on a screen.

Sarah Palin was and continues to be denigrated by these peonic-fools by ruthless, irrational stones thrown such as “she has no experience”. Yet they are entranced and mesmerized by Barack Obama (and now Caroline Kennedy as with others like these among the Left) who lack as much experience as Sarah Palin.

So, realistically, back on the page and off the screen and out of the stony court, we can easily see that the actual complaints are not expressed in what is being said in complaints about Sarah Palin and about nearly anyone from the Right who isn’t “of the court” of the Leftwing: We’re not royal, our robes are not flowing enough, we haven’t been invited, we are not what-not.

As to monarchies, for example, I admire Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom. I think she’s a genuine person and a brave individual who maintains a regal understanding of service to her country. But the United States of America is not the United Kingdom and Caroline Kennedy is not Princess Leia and Princess Leia is a fantasy.

As for me, give me liberty, or give me death.” An ancestor of mine (Patrick Henry) declared that on the eve of the American Revolution in which a democracy and a new nation — the United States of America as it was later called — was founded. He’s an ancestor of mine, which does not mean that I am a Princess, the Duchess of Earl or anything else of “royal personage” but that I am, rather, an appreciative, respectful desendant who values what my ancesstor fought so bravely to create: a democracy where the individual is worthy and the monarchy is absent.

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