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All citizens should be acutely disgusted, alarmed and horrified by the recent declaration by Barack Obama spokesperson, Transition Team Co-Chair, Valerie Jarrett, that “Obama is ready to rule from day one“.

The U.S.A. got our start by declaring independence from people with intents to rule and we fought the Revolutionary War about just a bit more than that.

Dot-Black-SML Barack Obama and wife, Michelle, visited the White House today at the invitation of President Bush and wife, Laura. The media’s covered the “news” intensely, complete with photographs of President-elected’s steps from a car, steps into a car, standing, walking, riding in a car, waving, leaning over, waving again, walking again, arm out, arms down, “ruler” occupying a President’s home and office while not being a President — and never being a ruler if my hopes are realized and our Constitution is respected, because, no President, nor President-elect, rules.

Yet, I’ve never witnessed any President-elect receive this degree of media coverage, nor this extraneous assistance directed toward one approaching the Presidency. Does Obama really need and require this much special help? If one takes his spokesperson’s statement into account, apparently he (and her) are presuming to demand it.

“Ready to rule” defines one as not fit to lead, not in our or anyone else’s democracy.

Dot-Black-SML RELATED: Associations of Valerie Jarrett’s are not remotely moderate, another radical associate of Barack Obama’s (and wife’s).

Dot-Black-SML UPDATE: I just read Michelle Malkin’s post from November 07, 2008, in which she notes that one of her readers says that the Office of the President-elect does exist, made possible by the Presidential Transition Act of 1963.

However, I read the Act and nowhere in that Act is anyone (President-elect, President or anyone else) bestowed with “ruler” privileges and powers, there is no declaration that anyone is to “rule” in this nation by that Act or otherwise.

So, Obama remains creepy as ever.

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