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POLARIK’S FINAL REPORT: OBAMA’S ‘BORN’ CONSPIRACY – Forged Images, Phony Photos, and Felony Fraud


All that might be done, should the issue of Barack Hussein (perhaps, also, “Mohammad”) Obama’s birth circumstance remain clouded until January 20, 2009, is that the Supreme Court may withhold administering the Oath of Office of the Presidency of the United States of America to “Barack Hussein Obama” — that is, should it come to that finality of action after all other government fail the people up to the Inauguration Day event in this important, significant and crises-level issue.

Meaning, should the Supreme Court so conclude that Barack Hussein Obama is not qualified to receive the Oath of Office, they could and should withhold administering it, and, end result, he isn’t the President. Should he continue on past the Oath and be sworn in and later be proven to not be qualified, he’d be removed from office (by military force if need be) and all and anything he’d enacted while in Office would be void. Not only void, but he’d be immensely liable to the people and many organizations for damages, particularly of the criminal nature against the nation.

So, given the ramification of this situation, it behooves a conscientious individual — one responsible enough to qualify for the Presidency, especially — to be willing, eager and voluntarily acting with immense enthusiasm and caring to organize a valid response to this question: are you a natural-born U.S. citizen, and if so, provide proof that you are.

However, thus far, Obama has not done so, and, worse, what response he’s offered has been, to a certainty, a forgery and a vaguely uninformative one at that.

All Obama has ever had to do and could do now is provide an actual Birth Certificate complete with place of birth, doctor’s name who delivered him, name of hospital and location, time, date and parents’ names. Yet he has not done so and “Polarik” explains in great detail what extent Obama and commisseraters have gone to to avoid doing that obvious, efficient, straightforward deed. The reasonable question, then, still hangs: why doesn’t he, what’s he hiding, why the great lengths gone to to avoid doing so?

Read Polarik’s entire article
— it’s well worth the time and concentration to cover the whole article.

Also, Free Republic continues to expand it’s ongoing, immensely detailed discussion about all aspects related to this multifaceted issue. And the list of lawsuits about aspects of this important issue are expanding nationwide.

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