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National Review Online just can’t let go of the Appease the Left and Insult the Conservatives movements.

Here they go again, another crazy columnist guy at NRO, wailing profanely (“Lord”) about an issue he appears too dense to get.

However, above-the-head (and heart) of this NRO columnist guy is this: it’s not singularly an argument about Obama’s citizenship that remains murky, it’s a case of Obama being or not being “natural born” as a citizen (if he is a U.S. citizen).

Our U.S. Constitution requires, that, for anyone to be President, they must be:

— a U.S. citizen (by “native born” birth, not by naturalization);
— over the age of 35 years;
— in residence in the U.S.A. for the most recent 14 years prior to the Office; and,
— natural-born (born in the U.S.A., geographically, and born to parents who are U.S. citizens).

NOTE the distinction (and two distinct requirements to qualify for the U.S. Presidency) between “native born” U.S. citizen AND “natural born” U.S. citizen. To qualify for the Presidency, one must be both, not one or the other.

Also note that on his campaign website for the Presidency, Barack Obama has emphasized that he is “native born” by referring to his alleged birth in the U.S. state of Hawaii, while he ignores the requirement to be “natural born” (which he has never substantiated; his father was not a U.S. citizen and his mother, though a citizen, was not of age that she could confer citizenship on any child born to her at the time Barack Obama alleges he was born to her; these citizenship requirements are addressed in the Constitution, as are the requirements for the Presidency — as it appears, Barack Obama may not ‘even’ have been a U.S. citizen given his father’s British citizenship, his mother’s underage at the time of his birth, and, his later assumption of Indonesian citizenship when moving there as a young child…).

If someone does not meet ALL those qualifications listed above for the U.S. Presidency, they can’t receive the Oath of Office; and, if they are administered that Oath, they cannot afterward be recognized as President of the United States.

It’s a simple matter that reaches beyond whether Obama is a U.S. citizen or isn’t one (though that also remains unproven with any certainty given the dubious nature of what wan substantiation or proof he’s provided so far).

But, let’s assume that he was, indeed, born in Hawaii as he says he was (not yet proven to the public — if “officials” in our government are assured of this, Obama needs to also make that same assuring evidence known to the public), then, he has to ALSO substantiate that he was/is a “natural born” citizen IF he was NOT born in Hawaii as he alleges (some say Kenya is his birthplace, including his relatives).

There are several arguments about Barack Obama / Barry Soetoro’s birth circumstances, however, and it’s not an unreasonable nor unrealistic (nor unimportant, nor frivolous) inquiry to be making.

The Constitution declares these terms for to be qualified (or not qualified) for the Presidency BECAUSE the writers of our Constitution did not want any foreign-born nor dual-citizenship person (anyone of possible dual loyalties or false pretenses in loyalties where our nation was concerned) to be President. The U.S. Presidency is an important position (d’oh) and needs to be carefully, securely and Constitutionally-qualifying staffed. There are several if not numerous inconsistencies surrounding both the candidacy of Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro (“Barack Hussein Obama” as the identity he’s using in the present tense) for the U.S. Presidency AND also as to his identity. His citizenship complications remain also of issue, particularly when the lone/sole “document” he’s presented as “proof” of who he is, where and to whom he was born and when, is nothing more than a graphic file posted on the internet (which is not, not at all, legitimate proof of anything except that someone created a graphic file and uploaded it and published it to the internet).

Barack Obama has offered questionable-to=absent documentation about who he is, where he’s from; even as to his identity there’s confusion and duplicity, and, statements by his own relatives contradict what he’s said about himself in these regards.

Thus, the American citizenry stands to be affronted in considerable terms if a charlatan manipulates his way into the Presidency AND that’s why the American voters deserve to be provided with some absolute proof of Barack Obama’s birth circumstances.

Dot-Grey-Outline Consider more confusion:

His grandparents and Barack Obama’s own wife have let slip that Barack Obama’s mother was not married to his father at the time of birth — Obama and his apparently forged image file on his campaign website and dailykos state that they were married (though if to Mr. Obama from Kenya, wouldn’t be legitimate anyway since Mr. Obama was already married to several women in Kenya at that time);

Barack does not resemble the man from Kenya (Mr. Obama) named on Barack Obama’s alleged “certificate of birth” and instead, Barack Obama resembles Communist “mentor” to Obama, Frank Marshall Davis (which would explain why Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro is quite so indifferent to the relatives in and from Kenya and was quite so dedicated to “Frank, who he referred to often in his book, “Dreams From My Father”);

Obama’s grandparents stated their daughter — Obama’s mother — was married (“her first marriage”) to Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia;

Obama’s living relatives say he, Obama, was born in Kenya; and,

Obama offered up an image file of what Obama and “dailykos” stated was Obama’s “Certificate of Birth” — presented first on “dailykos” website and then on his own campaign site — an image file of what three experts concluded was a forgery (a forged image file of a forged document, to make it more complicated); that image file says that the parents were married (father, Mr. Obama from Kenya).

Dot-Grey-Outline There’s speculation that whatever Birth Certificate the state of Hawaii has “on file” (recently announced to be sealed by Hawaiian Governor, Linda Lingle), could have been obtained by Obama’s mother after she flew to Hawaii after Obama’s birth elsewhere.

That’s certainly plausible and possible, since Obama’s mother was flying around quite a bit prior to and after his birth, and, combined with the relatives’ statements about Obama being born in Kenya (one relative saying she was present at his birth in Kenya), it’s reasonable to speculate about the mother flying to Hawaii with the newborn and obtaining a Birth Certificate after the birth with newborn in tow presented at a local hospital, alleging home-birth (known to be a common occurrence in Hawaii several decades ago, as also Birth Certificates for anyone born anywhere issued by Hawaii on as little as someone claiming birth there after the fact, or even by illigitimate payment to state employee/s).

All of these things are plausible, possible and remain inconclusively established as to any “natural born” U.S. citizenship status held by Barack Hussein Obama and/or Barry Soetoro.

Dot-Grey-Outline Combine all of that with Obama’s persistent lying about him never having any other citizenship than U.S. citizenship — he only recently admitted that he had, in fact, held Kenyan citizenship and admitted this only after pressure, following a persistent deceit to the contrary about this — and you get reasonable doubt about who the man is and what his motives are for lying as he has about who he is.

AND, more complex, his years in Indonesia in his youth with his mother and stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, who adopted Barack or Barry. Obama was in those years “Barry Soetoro” and there’s more legal evidence of that identity than there is as to “Barack Hussein Obama,” who appeared later.

Dot-Grey-Outline While in Indonesia, Barry Soetoro was enrolled in a private religious school under that name and as a Muslim. His surname legally changed by adoption, Barry Soetoro was the child of an Indonesian citizen, adopted by Lolo Soetoro, who was married to Obama’s mother.

When that occurred — Indonesia did not at that time allow dual citizenship, so, to reside there legally as Barry did with his mother and now father, one would need to be an Indonesian citizen and if any other citizenship was held, that would have to have been denounced — Barry was Indonesian.

He also, later, traveled to Pakistan, India and then on to Kenya, Africa. In which case, whatever passport Barry or Barack used to travel to Pakistan remains a mystery, under what name, issued by what country.

We know he held British citizenship from birth by way of his father’s citizenship in Kenya (so it’s been presented, though Barack Hussein Obama has lied about having had British citizenship, which he’s only recently, finally, admitted to).

It’s reasonably concluded that he had Indonesian citizenship afterward because he lived legally in Indonesia, the son of an Indonesian married couple and attended school there (thus, had to have been of Indonesian citizenship, which would have required him denouncing any other citizenship, U.S. included if it even existed).

What seems likeliest from all this information is that he was born with/acquired at birth, Kenyan (British) citizenship and later became an Indonesian citizen after his mother married Lolo Soetoro of and in Indonesia, and, Barry then renounced the Kenyan (British) citizenship as required by Indonesia.

When he later arrived in Hawaii, there is no record of him having been naturalized as a U.S. citizen and it’s even possible he’s remained on in the U.S. as an illegal alien afterward — and reason why the records from Columbia and Harvard have been held as secret by Obama, since those records might reveal that he was admitted and attended (and received financial aid) as a foreign student at both.

Given the abundance of lies and falsehoods already made by “Barack Hussein Obama,” the country merits proof of his identity and birth circumstance.

If this issue annoys National Review Online, who cares.

None of Barack Obama’s identifying records are available to the public: no adoption records, no academic records, no passport records, no birth certificate (he’s only presented a graphic file of another document, not a Birth Certificate, to the public and even that is a mere graphic file posted on the internet, hardly a reliable record to establish anything except that someone uploaded a graphic file and hosts it). Without any access to any and all of these records, we the public are left literally to accept Obama’s tall tales about who he just may have fantasized he wanted to be, and sold to the public that he was.

Few responsible people would hire a handyman or babysitter, much moreso permanent employee, nor any state would issue a license to, anyone without any original documents as to identity being provided. Yet we have a guy headed to the White House who has refused to provide so little as an original document about any aspect of his life.

Dot-Grey-Outline It does not lend credence to Barry/Barack’s situation as to his qualifications for the Presidency, that he’s said to not be so much as qualified for a security clearance from the FBI.

Yet here he is, now informed of our nation’s highest-level security issues, imposing himself to be the handler of our nuclear arsenal, a guy who we don’t know the identity of beyond a doubt, don’t know where he’s from, where he was actually born and to whom and how, unqualified to so much as maintain a law license from his local Bar Association because a renewal of his law license was denied him after he lied on his application.

And now we citizens are supposed to assume we’re safe in our country with a possible charlatan in the White House. Who smiles a lot, so I suppose that’s assumed by some to make us feel safe in our beds at night.

We fought our Revolutionary War over so much less than this.

Dot-Grey-Outline Read the whole thing about this potential terror and confusing, obfuscating record of someone few people actually know: Obama Timeline


Much political strategizing has taken place since 2008 and the time of this post’s original writing and publication, political strategizing by some among the GOP, that the “entire issue of Barack Obama’s citizenship/place of birth” are Leftwing carousing that is being deployed BY Obama/Democrats for purposes of somehow eradicating unity among the Right.

I can’t speak for that — the issues addressed in my original post are my own as per what I’ve read and about which I remain concerned as a citizen (the idea that such fraud as a non-qualifying individual is occupying the White House could be committed is outrageous and should be a call to action for all citizens, not just one of one party or another, though I am and remain a Republican).

It MAY be a “strategically” political-class “loser” issue, as some (mostly the Libertarians among the GOP claim) but the “losing” aspects, to my view, seem to rest with those who want to dismiss these glaring questions about Obama’s Constitutional qualifications rather than so much as tolerate public discussion about them (which strikes me as truly strange, that some are so upset that they harass so little as questions along these lines being raised).

I’ll continue to assert that ridiculing these questions in and of themselves is the equivalent of ridiculing our U.S. Constitution. Barack Obama could easily clear up any questions about his circumstances, yet he continues (as of 2010) to refuse to do so, and thus, his entire life-defining documents (medical records, passport records, academic records, legislative history while briefly in the Illinois state legislature) remain off-limits to public access. That should tell anyone with even moderate sense that the man has “something” to hide.

And, I remind all readers, that even Barack Obama announced before the public in his campaigning in 2008 that (in regards his “actual” birth certificate, which remains mysteriously non-accessible to the public), that “(if ever released to the public) that there’s something on it that would be embarrassing to a lot of people.”

So he knows he’s hiding something about his defining character, about who he (actually) is. The idea of a guy (or a woman) in the U.S. Presidency who is intentionally hiding some defining detail/s about himself from the nation he claims to represent is an extremely concerning one to me.

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