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Once again, we hear today and yesterday the spate of the latest Leftwing, Democrat-nomenclature shuffle. I write, “once again,” because the Left uses this socio-political methodology of language retooling in every media-reach it controls, in every political campaign and the groundwork in the years that precede such, an ever-ongoing Word Reworking in the English language (then translated into others) of replacing one observation with the wrong description.

Eventually, as per what I estimate the reason for doing this goes, people are no longer confused because they’re literally misled and misinformed, when and as they’re continually exposed to the mostly leftwing-advocating media who wages this theatrical Word Reworking by ongoing indoctrination of audiences: what is offensive becomes ‘funny,’ what is objectionable becomes ‘entertaining,’ what is what becomes what it is not and vice-versa.

“Radical” and “Progressive” now are being alleged to represent “Moderate” if the latest Democrat-manipulation of the minds of many is to be believed. “Republican” and “the Right” are now being defined as “Right-Wing” and even “enemy” to the nation, while the Democrats continue to push a radical agenda politic rooted in if not defined by Marxism as something “reasonable.”

As to national security, I am as decent and responsible a citizen as can ever be found. As to individual politics by the Leftwing and Democratic party — and their personalities in office or out of it — I continue to oppose the damages, even if it makes many Democrats using media wealthy in their corruption. They’ve never helped me, they’ve never shown up to provide at any time of need, they’re not leaders, they’re misleaders: isn’t Castro ‘cute’?

Truly horribly, as to extremely corrupt political speech, of all people, Colin Powell appeared in media yesterday and exclaimed: “what Mr. Obama represents is the best of America.

No, not hardly, not even close, not at all does he represent the best of America. Obama’s social and political environment is the farthest Left among the Left that this nation has ever housed, and that includes his family members and their associations, his own political opinions and perspectives throughout his lifetime through to the present, his associates’ as to same. America is far better than that, and our best is yet to come. It is not here now.


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