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Square-Black But, funny thing, the future. It can’t ever be proven. No one knows — really — what it will be, until it arrives. It isn’t “real” until it’s the present, it can’t be described with accuracy until it’s experienced, and, given human perceptual and memory variations, even after it’s experienced, it’s then predictably going to be experienced differently and described in variation, per the man.

Even more complicated is that once it’s experienced, it’s past — the future: gone, over, now the memory of what was. Thus, whatever was “of the future,” once it’s known, is gone, over, lost it’s “future characteristic”.

So, when a candidate — such as Barack Obama — is sold to us voters as “the candidate of the future” (versus John McCain, who the Obama campaign declares as “the candidate of the past”), that’s like saying, “tomorrow you may win the lottery so spend the grocery money today, because, that ticket is your ticket to the future.”

It’s like saying, “buy this house — it’s your future home! Credit, finances, money? No problem, it’s the future house, it doesn’t matter, because in the future, you’ll have the money for your future house.”

So it is as to voting for any “candidate of the future.” Just as it is as to someone who claims to offer “change.”

You never know just what that future will be, or what “change” will occur (particularly to you), and your vote for such a candidate, which is the equivalent of jumping off a cliff because you expect there to be bounce when you hit whatever is down there beneath (but you don’t know what’s down there, because it’s what you’ll know in the future, when you land there).

The only way to manage “the future” is to prepare for it, to do whatever hard, gritty work is required to provision yourself and others, to contend with possible outcomes. But buying anything that’s sold on being “of the future” is a shady area of probable misleadments: wise people like to fantasize and imagine (too) but we also recognize the importance of receipts, the kind you can keep for future reference, the kind that substantiate things like terms, not possibilities.

Square-Black All I can add is this fact from earlier today and mid-day yesterday (both, now the past): Obama spoke yesterday afternoon on national television, the market plunged; Obama spoke today with “world leaders” — also widely televised — and the market plummeted.

You be the judge. Think carefully.

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