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Joe the Plumber” (Joe Wurzelbacher) was in his own front yard, playing football with his son, when Democrat-Marxist candidate Barack Hussein Obama walked up to Wurzelbacher and solicited Wurzelbacher’s opinions.

To repeat that, campaigning politician, Barack Hussein Obama, on his own initiative (and uninvited), stopped and asked a political question of an American citizen, Joe Wurzelbacher or “Joe the Plumber” as he’s come to be known ever since.

When politician Obama aggressed upon this individual citizen (Joe the Plumber), Joe was on his own property with his own family, playing ball in the front yard of his own home with his son.

Politician Obama solicited citizen Joe’s opinions and after Joe responded with his opinions, politician Obama proceeded to put his political foot in his political, intrusive, exploitive mouth to out himself (yet again) as having Marxist plans of wealth-redistribution if he gets his Marxist hands on the U.S. Presidency.

The brief Q&A was filmed — available to view on YouTube — and Joe the Plumber was then revered and referenced well, as the American worker and citizen he is and represents in others like him, by John McCain in the Presidential Debate this past Wednesday.

The media then poured all over Joe the Plumber (Wurzelbacher) in such frenzy that in the last two days the media has devoted more grubby, gluttenous, voracious intrusion into this guy’s life, person and circumstance than they’ve devoted to much of anything actual about Barack Hussein Obama in over two years.

Joe the Plumber “has no plumbing license” — so grunts the despicable Leftwing floor dancers, such as Jonathan Martin from Politico. Wurzelbacher is a resident of Toledo, Ohio, and works as a plumber doing “plumbing” things for a licensed plumber, but Martin and other grubbers like them disregard those circumstances and focus, instead, on casting grunting aspersions about this guy. Martin and others like him discover weaknesses in Joe The Plumber’s circumstances, so, since it creates negative gossip about an American citizen, they write entire articles about such weaknesses. Obviously, their support for Obama is their motive, and they go for destruction of others who have different opinions in support of that motive.

Joe the Plumber does not own a plumbing business himself — more grunts from the Leftwing — but like an ambitious, self-supporting, wealth-achieving American citizen, Wurzelbacher aspires to own his own plumbing business, to be in an earned (and saved) position to eventually buy the business he currently works for (a plumbing business as a plumber). That Joe The Plumber doesn’t own his own business (yet) is suddenly of great intrigue to the Leftwing — if anyone can explain the Leftwing’s disturbance about that, please let me know — even though Joe The Plumber works doing plumber-things for a plumber who owns his own business (that Joe The Plumber one day aspires to purchase for his own).

Joe The Plumber recognizes that Obama’s Marxist “wealth redistribution” plans would place limitations on his abilities to enjoy his ambitions. And so the Leftwing and Leftwing media freaks-out about Joe and not about Obama or about Obama’s Marxist plans and intentions.

220_ObamaNeedsAPlumber The issue is what Obama has said, what his plans are, and why the Leftwing media is quite so embittered about American citizens who are not cowered before Obama’s — or the Leftwing media’s — Marxist plans.

And why the Leftwing media won’t devote so much as one day of unembittered, level-headed study on who Obama is and what his social, financial, ethical and political relationships are. And why they’re quite so intolerant and angry that Joe The Plumber has questions about who Obama is and what his plans are.

What Obama and the Leftwing media fail to understand is that there are a lot of ordinary Americans just like Joe The Plumber, who have lives with complications and simplicities that don’t trump their goals for success by their own initiative.

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Square-Black UPDATE:

Joe the Plumber sharing opinions with Barack Obama that were different than Barack Obama’s results in the state of Ohio being out to “shut Joe down.” I note that this is how the Hitler terror began…


since the Leftwing media and the Obama Leftists included are now attempting to correlate the likes of Joe the Plumber with — yeegads, they’re so crazy — Charles Keating, Michelle Malkin confronts this nonsense: Is Joe Wurzelbacher related to Charles Keating — and does it matter?

Meanwhile, has the state of Ohio (or any state) demanded proof from Obama of being qualified under our Constitution for the U.S. Presidency? Along those lines (answer, by the way, is “no”), along those lines, Ohio’s Attorney General generally claims it’s too much work to prove the legitimacy of voter registrations and cast ballots, so, whattheheck, attack Joe The Plumber.

Square-Black UPDATE TWO:

Obama’s campaign financial manager has outstanding tax liens, as do some of his businesses. But they’re complaining about Joe The Plumber’s unpaid taxes and lack of a plumber’s license.

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