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The scurrilous, cheating email from the cheaters reads pretty much like any crib-sheet sent to other cheaters: the Obama campaign relies on the willing, useful fools in the media to join in, thus, rendering cheating the common fare: “it’s not really wrong if everyone does it.”

Another lowdown, sliding scale by the amoral Left: just when you think they won’t sink any lower, they do. The issue is, cheating IS wrong, even when it’s done with a great big smile and giant type or a bellowing “spokesperson”. I’ts not unusual (and it is smart) for political campaigns to keep in close contact with media as to “talking points” advised and deployed by a campaign, but, what the Obama campaign has done and continues to do is “co-campaign” with many in the media, going so far as to secure modified — or, propagandized — content in the media posing as neutral (thus, it’s propaganda and “media” is reduced to political activists, devoid of journalistic character).

This IS a process of corruption, a corrupting process if not yet another violation of terms by Obama and campaign and by the complicit media involved, to such an extent that it removes our civilization’s very regard for language: “tax cuts” actually means “welfare,” “spread (the wealth) around” actually means “taking individual assets by government force,” things of this critical nature. And accusing political opponents or “issues in the way” as “smears” and “distractions” respectively, is itself smearing, demeaning, lying and avoiding discussing liabilities, all of which Obama is notoriously common in doing.

I note IN that crib-sheet from the Obama campaign, that they’re again efforting to identify Obama’s relationships with shady, corrupt, and/or despicable characters as “distractions” (“from the economy” or whatever else they can figure out there to fill-in the blanks).

In which case, they’re too late. Obama’s got more relationships with the despicable than can be explained by happenstance or even stupidity (both tacts he’s tried), and, the reality is, relationships define who individuals are. Meet or find oneself mired in a problem, get unmired as quickly as possible and refuse to return to the mire, but, in Obama’s case, he’s sought out individuals with bad character and despicable intents and messages, indicating his individual choice. And by remaining in ongoing relationships with people of ill-or-low-regard, he’s secured his own identity as one as despicable as theirs.


PINCH YOURSELF – by Melanie Phillips (On Obama’s scurrilous relationships)


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