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Overview response here, details to follow later:


— did very well (where was this calm strength and assertion earlier but it has, finally, come forth);

— looked rested, was calm, direct, focused on issues, especially confronted Obama when and as it was needed and appropriate;

— issues analysis, to follow later (early tomorrow morning).


— did not look his best (tired or drawn, just did not appear convincing or even healthy);

— smirked at the moderator, at McCain’s remarks, maintained a sarcastic “non-smile-smile” when McCain was speaking, when he was not attempting to get moderator reeled in by “special smiles” and silent “mouthed” remarks to the moderator — Obama looked overall untrustworthy for this reason alone (though there is more, to follow later);

— began speaking too loudly, too rapidly, was irritating accordingly;

— never assumed responsibility for his negative ads and campaigning and reiterated lies about his relationship with Ayers and ACORN — stating neither “have anything to do with my campaign” while he is clearly associated in his politics with both, as also, benefitting from both; an evasive dance around significant problems by Obama.

So, tomorrow morning I’ll remark about the specific issues, but overall, I’m very pleased to have seen McCain come forth (finally) as strongly and directly as he did tonight.

I feel: much better about McCain, far worse about Obama.

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