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Creepy, disgusting William Ayers, when a reporter on the street near Ayers’s residence in Chicago on October 23, 2008, was told by Ayers, “this is my property – please leave it.” Then Ayers went inside and called the local police, who showed up, greeted by Ayers.

Ayers was wearing — ho-hum — a black shirt with a large red star emblazoned on the front — while enjoying his freedom as a freeman in a free land, complete with privately owned property he accepts that he has rights to protect, reviles the freedom of the reporter and a free media, and like the predictable, communist fascist Bill Ayers is, calls for force to “deal with ‘the problem'” of a free press daring to ask him questions.

Among the questions asked of Ayers by that reporter (video link here) was, “are you sorry for your acts…are you still an anarchist“. Ayers ignored that and entered his private property, freely, breezily, dismissively, another day in the life of a free man enjoying his freedom.

This video was shown today on Bill O’Reilly’s THE O’REILLY FACTOR on Fox News.

If there is a “Top Ten Big Lies by Obamalist (among the “155 lies” by Barack Obama, that have already been documented) that is perpetuated by Obama and others among today’s Left, it is that Ayers is somehow “respectable” and is assigned or entrusted with a position of authority such that he is allowed ongoing influence over anyone — in his case, however, that he’s now promoted as “a respected educator” and included in academics is the essence of how his corruption has eeked through the minds and wayward ethics of others in some wonkish bastardization of what education is.

The man’s a gutless coward and even though he speaks with a soft voice, he’s still gutless, untrustworthy coward, a disgusting creep.

One thing that academics fails to do and that is, include reality in much of its lexicon. Academics falls repeatedly for vile characters because they opine with a unique voice — in other words, because they’re unique, represent, then, something or someone “noteworthy” — without consideration of the fact that their objects of focus have, literally, unconscienably bad minds. Ayers is one of those.

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