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I’m suggesting readers go to Michelle Malkin’s site and access the resources there about this rangey issue.

And the story behind the hacking.

I write “rangey” as to this issue because the hacking of Sarah Palin’s private email account — a criminal offense and I hope the offending criminals get a heavy-handed dose of legal remedies applied to them — appears to involve the same general group of Leftists on the internet who have been harassing the public for a long time now, nearly everywhere any opinion is contributed that isn’t among the Left kind, and certainly as to Conservatives and those who discuss Conservative opinions.

It’s becoming easy to spot these offenders: they suggest or allude to private information associated with otherwise public, non-disclosing online identities and they create websites and forums for that purpose, making baseless, disgusting allegations as to those they target. In my experience (having been targeted before by such activity online), the predominant motive shared by this criminal behavior or borderline criminal offensiveness is to harass and harm anyone who doesn’t support “‘gay’ marriage,” who is Christian and/or trends toward the Conservative in life and opinions, certainly as to anyone not voting for the Left and who does not support Obama’s candidacy or politics otherwise.

Their method is to harass individuals under guise of them maintaining their anonymity — essentially acting cowardly for destructive purposes of others whose opinions they revile. In other words, the attackers (“anonymous”) are cowardly people who appear to have little honorable basis for their own positions, so they malign others by way of destructiveness of others. Certainly indicates a poor position by the attackers, certainly not strength of beliefs or decency of ethics and behavior and certainly indicative of individuals in group or in isolation who can’t control themselves in a responsible sense in any society: theft, deceit, burglary and intentional acts to destroy others’ character (particularly when the attacks are lies, senseless lies about others), these are all indicative of persons who are, literally, lacking character and also, literally, are barbaric accordingly.

But make no mistake: this (hacking and the rest I’ve identified, especially the additional efforts to destroy others by lie-campaigns) is criminal activity by those involved, and I include the naming of a few high-traffic websites in that, sites that exist to brew the hyperbole involved and keep it agitating. In other words, as identified in the following links, they’re the allegedly credible sites that assist in this sort of defamation and other harms.

Malkin’s written a good review of most of this.

Square-Red-SML Among the most desperately irrational accusations, made by one of the websites involved in this (as also previous) online smear-and-attack efforts by the Left, is this:

Gawker complained
that Palin has since “deleted” the (hacked email) account, and suggested she was trying to “destroy evidence.”

Meanwhile, let’s look at actual destruction of evidence and information trails, and that’d be by the political interests eager to see Palin hacked, abused, harassed and ridiculed, meaning, the Barack Obama Democrats:

Iraqi Billionaire Threatens Reporters Investigating Rezko Affair

…read the whole article, access the links included there, it’s time-consuming and a difficult read, but well worth the effort to gain increased insight into the disgusting, abusive world of Barack Obama.

Square-Red-SML UPDATE:

More droll idiocy from another idiot via domain registered as “” — also registration-home to the ridiculous GAWKER and other pond scum (the “Denton” Spamhole in the ground) — writing to me from IPA in Indiana (“” hosted by “” – “Embarq Corporation”, Winter Park, FLA if their WHOIS can be believed) .

The comments are left by someone referring to “it”self as, “Anonymous” (I have no idea who that is, crazed group or crazed individual associating as group), and they quote the icky Anonymous subheader — then refer to me as “nigger nigger nigger” (< ==that’s an actual reprint of what “they” or it wrote).

IP address [?]:
OrgName: Embarq Corporation
Address: 500 N New York Ave
City: Winter Park
StateProv: FL
PostalCode: 32789
Country: US
NetRange: –
NetHandle: NET-67-76-0-0-1
Parent: NET-67-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
RegDate: 2004-01-28
Updated: 2007-02-22
OrgTechHandle: ESC36-ARIN
OrgTechName: Embarq Services – CDS
OrgTechPhone: +1-407-741-0500
# ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2008-09-17 19:10
# Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN’s WHOIS database.
(IP information, continued):
IP address [?]:
IP address country: ip address flag United States
IP address state: Indiana
IP address city: Vevay
IP postcode: 47043
IP address latitude: 38.796001
IP address longitude: -85.086304
ISP of this IP [?]: Embarq Corporation
Organization: Embarq Corporation
Host of this IP: [?]: [Whois]
Local Time of this IP country: 2008-09-18 14:45
[Whois] Information:
Domain Administrator
5454 West 110th Street
Overland Park KS 66211
US +1.9133456209 Fax: –
Domain Name:
Registrar Name:
Registrar Whois:
Registrar Homepage:
Administrative Contact:
Domain Administrator
5454 West 110th Street
Overland Park KS 66211
US +1.9133456209 Fax: –
Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Domain Administrator
5454 West 110th Street
Overland Park KS 66211
US +1.9133456209 Fax: –
Created on…………..: 2006-05-22.
Expires on…………..: 2010-05-22.
Record last updated on..: 2008-04-20.
Domain servers in listed order:

Square-Red-SML This latest message (comment from a few hours ago, trash deposited on this site), refers to me as “nigger nigger nigger“.

My parents and other relatives (includes ancestors from Northern Europe) would find that, also, idiotic, as I do. At least get an insult correct, call me “white person white person white person” and be done with it — since race seems to be the sticking point by this latest and previous spam and other harassing crud on the internet about me, at least get the “insult” right, since, in my experience, it’s “White people” who these crazy spammers and harassers have a problem with.

More indication that the Obama Left is not only desperate, they’re depraved. Must be why Hollywood is involved. And other idiots on the internet.

Some history (this has occurred before):

Square-Red-SML The two Spam memes by idiots about me:

(1.) Accusation about me that I am “nigger nigger nigger” — their statement in the latest junk message left on this site — as mirrored by previous (what looks to have been Nick Denton or Denton-affiliated) Spam about me, that whole “Black” thing; and,

(2.) Accusation about me of being “a lesbian” (also involved in [1.] — this lie about me has been intertwined with the racial denigration many times in spam, referrer spam, insane comments and other derisive, hate-filled Leftist screed about me); Denton’s “kinja” site directed massive “lesbian-p0rn” spam to my site address and tried cross-linking their gunk to me — this isn’t a new occurrence, unfortunately, and then there were several spam sites created for that purpose (also, by “Anonymous” under various ridiculous identities).

Square-Red-SML For a group so keen on both those two issues (“racial minorities” and “homosexuality”), the Liberal/Left sure is haplessly unable to restrain themselves from using both contexts to ridicule others — however irrationally, illogically and wrongly overall in any context — thus rendering their own credibility to be something less than zero.

About that smear attempt, I’m heterosexual. I’ve never engaged in homosexual activity, never desired homosexual activity, never fantasized about such, and been quite happily heterosexual my entire adult life. So the smear attempt is both ridiculous as it is irrational.

Square-Red-SML About the racial smears, I recognize that my family surname, “Rice,” is the same surname of individuals such as Condoleezza Rice and the abusive “Susan Rice” (who rants for Obama and “black people” on HBO and in our government).

HOWEVER, neither of those two persons are related to me. There are other “Black people” today whose surnames are, also, “Rice” but they’re not relatives of mine, either.

In the U.S. today, there are many Black people with English and other European surnames (“Smith,” “Jones,” “Fleming,” “Washington,” “Wright,” etc.) — this does not mean that all persons of those surnames are related. It was customary for decades in early American culture for Negroes brought here for labor from Africa and the Caribbean to assume the surname of those who “owned” them. Some of my ancestors were farmers and otherwise involved in agriculture for decades in the Colonial and post-Colonial times and this is just an aspect of our shared, American history. It is also the reason why many “Black people” in present times have English surnames — not all of those cases are due to interbreeding or biological relationships, but to our nation’s earlier “slave/owner” times.

Square-Red-SML In my ancestry, family history, as to the Rice surname, my branch of relatives (names, dates of birth and death, places of both, spouse and children’s names) have been reasonably well identified, including way back to Norman and Anglo-Saxon years in the British Isles. My own brother’s DNA has been analyzed and we’re clearly and expressly Anglo-Saxon.

My “Rice” family name originated in Wales, England (and is still present today in the U.K. throughout Ireland, Wales and England), either known there as “Rice” or “Rhyce” — there’s even a Gaelic spelling of the name which remains active in, mostly, Wales. All of those people are and were, “White” or “Caucasian” of the Northern European variety.

There’s another, a different, variation on the surname, Rice, which originated from Spain, then immigrated into the American Northeast (rather infamous minister named “Edmond Rice” in Massachusetts from whence many present-day Rice’s originated, but not me and mine), which was originated with the surname of “Rhys”. That’s the “Spanish variety” and isn’t mine. I’m of the Anglo-Saxon variety by way of Wales and then into Colonial America, originating with “Rhyce”.

In the case of individuals such as Condoleezza Rice and the screeching Susan Rice, however, (both of whom are “Black” people), if there’s curiosity about their ancestors, go ask either or both of them — don’t ask me because we’re not related, I don’t have the foggiest idea who their ancestors were, how they and others of their race came to be named “Rice,” but I do know there’s no known “shared ancestor” as to any family-branch known to exist between them and me. There was either some lone man whose name was “Rice” who fathered a child or children with a woman of African origin, or, there were enough people from Africa living on after the Civil War who adopted the surname of Rice and that’s multiplied by today, but that lineage is aside from my own.

I’ve read online, also, a great deal of degraded, degrading offensive harassment FROM some persons who are “Black” racially, who seem to insist that “most White people have Black ancestors” if and as they’re from the South or have ancestors in the U.S. from Civil War or pre-Civil War years. My brother’s DNA analysis clearly indicates that that’s not me, not him, nor by that, could not possibly be by way of our parents or earlier ancestors — had that been the case (some Negroe ancestry), it’d be revealed in my brother’s DNA; it wasn’t.

Square-Red-SML We (my brother, sister, me, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and on) are Anglo-Saxon. So that closes that gossip issue.

However, I am going to state here that had there been some evidence otherwise of Negroe DNA in my family, I certainly would not have a problem with it. But there isn’t any and I’m proud and content to know who my ancestors are, even if that upsets the Leftwing need to demean any Caucasian such as myself who isn’t of some mixed-racial DNA.

The racial crud represents prime example of the Left acting badly in assuming that anyone who objects to Barack Obama’s politics is “racist” which is also the Left, then, acting as lamely as possible in making such an allegation. We object to his politics, we’re “White” and Conservative: we must be “racist” or closet-Black people, right? Wrong.

This just displays the ongoing sickness found on the Left, in my opinion. They’re truly crawling around in primitive states of mind and barren spiritual contexts, assuming everyone else must be, too, and if not, then they are targeted to be dragged down by the Left. Which is such a depraved state by the Left. Just so depraved.


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