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Regarding an article by John Allen, Jr. in the National Catholic Register:

“…there’s a bit of political irony for Catholics. Given Palin’s strong pro-life credentials, it’s likely she will appeal to the most strongly “denominational” Catholics, those most devoted to traditional Catholic identity and teaching. Meanwhile, what one might call “post-denominational Catholics,” meaning those for whom religious branding carries less theological significance, may embrace Palin’s Democratic rival, Delaware Senator Joseph Biden, the lone Roman Catholic on either ticket, because of his progressive stands on social and political matters.

“In other words, the denominationalists on the Catholic side will back the post-denominationalist, while the Catholic post-denominationalists will probably pick the candidate who bears the Catholic denominational label.”

There is this added commentary at The Catholic Blog:

“…Sarah Palin’s son is a concrete reminder that she not only espouses pro-life talk, but that she lives a pro-life life. I think this is particularly “disturbing” to the 90% of women who upon learning that they have a Down’s Syndrome baby choose to abort it.

“Final note – read Allen’s article. in the last paragraph he finds humor in the fact that conservative Catholics will vote for Palin, a former Catholic, while many Protestants will vote for Biden, a current Catholic. I would of course disagree with his assertion that Biden is Catholic, in any flavor.”

I agree with both of them.

What’s emerging is that there are Catholics-who-are-Catholics and then there are Liberals who attend or associate as Catholics who are mostly Liberals such as Joe Biden is: their support of issues as advised by the Catholic faith is “movable” depending upon their political interests, which then define their religious issues perspectives; and, they misrepresent the Church, then, by supplanting theology with their political renditions.

To the contrary, most of us who are Catholics-who-are-Catholics are voting for the pro-life team of John McCain and Sarah Palin, while the others complain about the rest of us.

I’m going to write more about this voting characteristic as to the “Catholic vote” — which is being underestimated by the Liberal media if not but for the mere fact that most of the Liberal media does not understand Catholics and they write accordingly — in another few days. So check back later…

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