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275wde_Obama-A-New-DOPE Obama now tours with “his” teleprompter. Is there a “blankie” nearby?

Obama glorifies doom and gloom: if the U.S. economy is floundering (“in ruins…devastated”), then Obama justifies his intents and goals (“take money from the evull and undeserving rich and give it to the not evulll ‘poor and oppressed minorities'” — as long as they vote for Obama).

These comments say it best:

The dems can only get elected by promising free money
September 16, 2008 – 11:35 ET by c5then

“They promise to take the money from the evil and undeserving rich and give it to the poor and oppressed minorities. That’s their entire strategy in a nutshell. So of course, it helps to have an economic downturn or a nice juicy banking crisis to help sell this message. The MSM has been trying to talk down the economy for 5 years now. Well, it looks like some of the wall street gang have listened.

“IMO any financial company that can’t withstand 10% of it’s balance sheet becoming worthless without declaring bankruptcy shouldn’t be around anyway. They took a gamble on buying and selling mortgage backed securities and derivatives and so should pay the price.

“Obama yesterday actually equated what was happening with the Great Depression of the 1930’s. That is beyond lunacy, it’s actually very irresponsible and an obvious ploy to get people scared. The man proves over and over again that he has no morals.”

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