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Via littlegreenfootballs, this report from “zombietime” replete with excellent photo and video record of what actually occured in Denver on this one instance — counter-protestors harassed protestors, Code Pink in concert with the counter-protestors instigated and harassed the police and then feigned harms when the police responded.

Zombie captures the reality on the ground, close-up and close-in, as to what really transpired (and explains at what moments the media present “edited reality” [my term for it] by withholding film record at crucial moments).

Instead, what we, the public saw from and about the DNC convention in Denver last week, was, glossed-over rosey golden hum-right by candlelight and sun. What we saw was staged, in other words, another construct of the “fantasy, imaginary candidacy” of Barack Obama.

Zombie also has some other excellent photos from the whole Denver experience, also all found via littlegreenfootballs. The “Democratic Convention Giant Puppet Parade” is very, very funny, in an uncomfortable, stupid sort of way. We sure didn’t see these stupid Democrats on the MSM (or even read about them).


Zombie: Anatomy of a Video – Democratic Convention 2008
Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 3:39:20 pm PST

How the media and left-wing blogs combined to create a police scandal out of thin air

The real story behind the Alicia Forrest/Carlo Garcia arrests.

On Tuesday, August 27, during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, I witnessed an incident that seemed at the time to be rather minor, but which over the subsequent days turned into a major scandal — primarily due to a video posted online by the Rocky Mountain News. This carefully edited video shows Officer Stewart of the Denver Police knocking Alicia Forrest of Code Pink to the ground during a protest, and then, after an edit, Forrest getting arrested by other officers. This video has created a firestorm among left-wing blogs, and also engendered many follow-up stories in the Denver Post, the Rocky Mountain News, Westword, and other mainstream Denver media outlets.

However, I personally witnessed the entire incident, from the beginning to the end, and can say without reservation that the Rocky Mountain News video is intentionally deceptive, and crafted to make the protester (Alicia Forrest) appear to be a victim of needless police brutality. I have photographic and video proof, shown below, that Alicia Forrest “asked for it” in the sense that she disobeyed police commands to stay back and also taunted the police; and that she was not seriously injured by Officer Stewart; and that the Rocky Mountain News in particular committed an act of media malfeasance by purposely posting on their site a deceptive video that left out all the context surrounding the incident. Furthermore, many blogs jumped on the story and trumpeted it as evidence of police misbehavior, when in fact there was no misbehavior at all.

The report (see/read at this link) has 25 photos and four short videos, but bear with me and read all the way through to the end in order to see the full story. The full incident lasted many minutes and is a little complicated, but can easily be followed photo-by-photo in the report (see/read the full story…)


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