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Certificate of Birth? Medical Record? Academic records? Identities of donors to his political campaigns? Anyone?

Meanwhile, locusts Democrats now rummaging through the state of Alaska announce that a man who tazed his ten-year-old son, physically (and otherwise) abused his wife and threatened to shoot his then-father-in-law isn’t being investigated, but Sarah Palin (and husband, Todd) are because they expressed outrage about the man hired on in Alaska as a member of law enforcement (who certainly was not qualified for law enforcement).

Obama’s Certificate of Birth? His Medical Record? Academic record? Anyone? And isn’t Barack Obama not qualified for, say, an FBI security clearance? Mysteriously, he’s running for President. Democrats beat this issue of a bad-cop-since-fired into representing cause to investigate Sarah Palin but ignore Obama’s absent Certificate of Birth (or the forged versions), Obama’s absent Medical Record and Academic record, nor will they acknowledge Obama’s actual — not the hyperbole with sugar-coated grinnings — history (and relationships, say, with Rezko and Ayers) (or Obama’s job with ACORN which they like to dress-up with “community organizer” seasoning) (or wife, Michelle’s, racial-supremacy affiliations and beliefs) (list goes on and on and on — the Media acknowledges none of this)…

There is a huge pile of information blocks now accumulated on and about Barack Obama. And yet, his recent declaration — on the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 — that he “wants to make government cool again” — is the aroma of salvo to a dumbstruck or hypnotized (or both) media, stuck on this, his only appeal: that he makes hyperbole “happy stuff, fun, with a grin.”

In reality, there are these building blocks of truth about Barack Obama that continue to stack-up to the sky, revealing a construct of celebrity or personna-imagined, while the Democrats attempt to munch away on Alaska and Sarah Palin.

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OBAMA’S PLUMBERS (what I refer to as “Locusts for Obama“)

Square-Black And from The New Dope’s lipsticky animal farm, the latest “cool” ad that denigrates John McCain’s disabilities (discussed well by Ace of Spades — with visuals):

Obama: Ha, Ha, McCain Is Old, He Can’t Use a Computer — North Vietnamese Captors: Yeah, Ha Ha, We Did That to Him; Pretty Good Gag, Eh?

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