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To view the icky stolen version currently deployed upon the hapless public, read the USNews story. If ever there was a case of “whatWERE they thinking,” it’s this latest ugly bit from the Obama campaign — which, I agree with a number of comments all over the internet today earlier, it is suggestive of (please exercise extreme caution when/if searching out this term if you don’t already know to what it refers) “g-o-a-t-s-e” (or, otherwise, a grotesque image of a man gripping his exceptionally distorted-by-abuse arse).

Here’s a timely parody of that awful image that I found amidst comments on Free Republic, and here’s another.

A number of additional parodies are found on the following sites, along with a lot of other links and comment references to related material. This is, perhaps, the worst gaff or else self-revealing admission I’ve yet to see from the Obama campaign, long may it fall away like the waste it’s referencing.

The Obama Gesture: Fixed!

Beam Me Up, Obama!

Creepy Obamamessiah Cult’s New Poster

(The new Obama salute was stolen from Star Trek’s “Space Hippies” episode)
Groovy — Today’s Freaks Were Yesterday’s Space Hippies!

Self-Parody is Political Poison

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