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“…That is why you must join us and leave those who have brought you nothing but war, inflation, and discord…Let us make a new beginning today…”

And so the emissary of “change” — “a new beginning” — declared.

obama_nazi_logos But, do you know who that emissary was?

Barack Obama? His wife about husband, Barack Obama? Hillary or Bill Clinton about Obama (or themselves)?

Could be, could very well be any or all of those, said by any or all of those individuals from tomorrow’s Democratic National Convention (or anywhere else), a current statement from those current, Democrat politicians.

However, that statement that I’ve quoted above, here, was made in April 1925 by National Socialist, Julius Streicher, propaganda meister among meisters for the German National Socialist Party (“Nazis”), Julius Streicher, known in history since passed as “The Beast of Franconia.”

Tomorrow, the world will be beset by the intrusive broadcasts of Barack Obama as he pronounces himself from the Mile High Stadium in Denver, CO, before “Roman columns” dressed in “the Obama insignia”. “The Obama insignia,” that giant “zero” with a red-striped foreground, designed to represent the guy named “Barack Hussein Obama”: the propaganda-point of that insignia is that it is unique to “a” man and his party politic and affixes itself to all-that-is-claiming-to-be-national, just as with this insignia designed and used by another politician to represent himself-as-the-nation and his political views as-finality-focal-point:


Note these configurations (above and below) are declared and circulated to fulfill the same purpose: a “new seal” for a “new country” (“hope and change“).


One wonders why the respective flags of the respective nations were not used (in the past, Germany, and in the present, the U.S. as to the two symbols, respectively, per the displays here above). But the replacement of flags with these symbols is the point of the dreadful politics involved (which far too few were aware enough, unfortunately, to realize, past and present). The replacement of a man for the nation is the point of these symbols, the nation “overruled by” a man or “conquered” instead of led from within, perhaps more destroyed from within because a new-thing, a new-man is being declared to replace the existing nation itself. That was the point of the swastika declared and used by the Nazis, that is the same point being declared and used by today’s Democrats/Obama.

And that is hardly a happenstance message or afterthought statement by the Obama/Left politic of today, because the insignia is INSISTED — as in, forced — upon the eye and therefore upon the mind, the public’s consciousness, it represents force, as in, “a force to be followed”: surrender, consent-to-me, follow me, allow me to posses you, your nation, now it is who is your nation.

And that’s how dictators occur among populations: a singularity among political views required of populations as demanded by one, consent by idolization of another human being or if not idolization, then, punishment, destruction, eradication follows.

320wde_DNCrally-NurembergRally And as to this mark created to represent Barack Obama, used in replacement of the flag of this nation by the Democrats/Obama, it represents, by how it is applied in replacement of the flag of this nation by Obama’s candidacy throughout media and with assistance by media, an overtaking of the existing country with an individual personality supplanting country. And the red-stripey centermost addition is the “pathway” or force to be followed [I add, whether one wants to or not, like going down a drain, and thus, the trouble implied by the statement made to too many gullible persons who eagerly follow that pathway, down).

Imposing presence, in other words, symbolism (“a mark”) that imposes upon: the embedded implications of such are that they replace what exists or “has been” prior to the imposition: “change“. What has existed is out-of-sorts, what’s being imposed upon that is “new” and in a consumer society, our human civilization, the subliminal message is that “the new” is preferred, the “old” is to be rejected, to be cast aside, discarded, replaced with “change.” It’s the psychology deployed by all dictatorships, encouraging all to abandon what they’ve known, cast aside hesitations, prior associations, to “buy this now” and subjugate your senses to this new purchase: “change.”

The giant columns, the stadium, the “special insignia” (bars/lines), the Messianic posturing and singular rallying goal — to be “one” with the leader, the “saving grace” promised — these were each and all…


…used at Nuremburg many decades ago, and…


…used in the very same methods, for the very same purpose – a few terms changed but the politics remain the very same, reoccurring as I write this, from the horrible past to the horrible present.

The results of that horrible past were, to put it mildly, despicable. Falling victim to the same hypnotic socio-political effects for the same reasons or any others — with a few changes of terms but formulated upon the same political goals, deploying the same atmospheric imagery — is lunacy.


Barack Obama, Denver Campaign Rally, 2008


Nuremberg Stadium, present day.

“…Still standing in Nuremberg are the two sites where most rallies took place, the Luitpold Arena and the Zeppelin Field. Both were constructed on a grandiose scale.

The Zeppelin Field, built between 1934 and 1937, was modeled after the Pergamon Altar, a magnificent second century BC structure in what is now Turkey.

Rows of columns stood at each side of the limestone tribune from which Hitler delivered his orations. Dominating the scene was a huge gold-plated swastika. Thirty-six light towers flanked the field.

Hitler had more than 100 anti-aircraft spotlights installed around the flanks of the field, all pointing straight up. One of the most famous images of the rallies was created when Hitler switched on all the spotlights simultaneously, creating what some called “a cathedral of ice.”

The swastika was blown up by American troops in 1945; the columns were destroyed in 1967.

What remains today are the stands on either side of the tribune, the tribune itself, and the light towers and stands on the sides of the field, which is now used for special events…”

How some among our present-day U.S. population can attempt to denounce these comparisons that have been made in this post on this site is beyond me but many did likewise in Europe as to the “change” that was building and eventually was built in Germany, going so far as to publicly harass anyone who raised doubts or questioned what they observed. Today, many among the Left and some among the Right denounce what they claim is “the Nazi-comparisons” with what is occurring in the U.S. but open your eyes, look at the media that surrounds Barack Obama for prime examples of what is taking place, and see with open eyes the similar images and public symbolism (that is, “the messaging”) that was used likewise for a similar end in Germany by the National Socialists there.

How these comparisons can be damned by some today is beyond me, except that they are what is called “useful idiots” to the evil underway.

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