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Transcript of Barack Obama’s ever-general generalization about all things and nothing at all, all at the same time, just like a zero: perfectly beginning in nothingness from nowhere at no time, ever ongoing and circular and never connecting or disconnecting but meaning, literally, “nothing.”

I am not one to ridicule courage and effort by anyone, myself included. But in this current election cycle, for me and for many who I read from, the excessive attention surrounding Barack Obama is offensive to a point of head-shaking, to a situation I’d equate with the morning of the Army of the Twelve Monkeys: nothing is as it seems or was expected (or could be foreseen) and very few ever really get it as to just what is taking place. Which describes well the conditions that a media storm creates and otherwise, as to how a celebrity is rendered: fictionally.

A thing is “born,” a construct emerges; years later, after reality sets in, on average, people open their eyes but when this occurs, during the process, it’s difficult to get the reality past the need in some to be hypnotically led by celebrity, when they’re suffering the onset of that hypnotic. And celebrity relies on the hypnotized, as long as they don’t get too close.

Thus, making light of the current political and willing media conditions is the only course of available action. That and turning off network news of late — and that includes Fox News, who has fallen into the same hypnotic trance about the Obama celebrity as ever I’ve seen any broadcast network fall — is about all that can be done because too many people have already fallen off the log. There’s no where to go but to laughter for those of us who haven’t.

Look closer if you can, because underneath the say-nothing-but-mean-it monotony that categorizes the current Democratic National Convention, can be found a very large pool of bleakness and bad intentions. Call it eagerness to fall, call it enthusiasm for recklessness, call it not thinking ‘things’ through with any depth, call it foolishness, call it what’s taken place this week in Denver, Colorado among Democrats.

Contrary to what the Democrats say in rally, America isn’t broken. What’s broken are those who want to do away with America and replace it with another thing. That’d be the Democrats and particularly their celebrity, Barack Obama.

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